Are Highlighters Good for Studying? (My Honest Take)


Are Highlighters Good for Studying

When it comes to studying, it’s essential to find tools that help you retain and recall information efficiently. Highlighters are one such tool that many students use while studying. Highlighting can be a valuable method for retaining and recalling information, but is it actually good for studying? In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of using highlighters while studying, why highlighting and underlining are important, recommended highlighter color codes for studying, and frequently asked questions about highlighters and studying.

Are highlighters good for studying?

Yes, highlighters are good for studying! Highlighting key phrases, words, and concepts while studying can help you identify and remember essential information quickly. Highlighting can also help you focus on the most crucial aspects of the material you’re studying when next you go through them. This makes it easier to recall information. However, highlighting is only a part of the entire process that makes for effective studying as there are other study techniques you ought to employ including note-taking, active reading, memorization, etc.

What are the benefits of highlighting while studying?

Highlighting while studying has been contested as an effective study technique but it has proven to be helpful for a lot of students. The following are some of the benefits of highlighting while studying as gathered from students and education experts:

1. Identifying Key Concepts and Ideas

The goal of highlighting while studying is to help you identify and emphasize the most important information in your study materials. How is this beneficial? Well, not every text in the material is important. As some texts are meant to support the main concept. Instead of trying to take in every piece of information, highlighting helps you identify the main ideas which should stick to your memory.

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2. Enhancing Focus

The act of highlighting helps you to stay focused on the material you’re studying. When you are studying and actively highlighting, it prevents your mind from wandering off the topic. As your focus intensifies, you become soaked in the piece you’re reading, helping you to make the most out of your study time.

3. Organizing Information

By highlighting different parts of the material you’re studying in different colors, you can create an organized, color-coded system that makes it easy to review and recall information later. I have talked about highlighter colors for studying in a previous article.

4. Improving Memory

Highlighting improves your memory and retention of things you’ve read. By highlighting the text you are reading, it helps you to create visual cues that your brain can relate to.

Why is highlighting and underlining important?

Highlighting and underlining are essential study techniques because they help you focus on the most critical information in your study materials. By emphasizing key concepts and ideas, you can retain and recall information more easily. Additionally, highlighting and underlining can help you create a visual map of the material you’re studying, making it easier to review and recall information later.

Recommended highlighter color code for studying

There is no one “right” highlighter color code for studying since everyone has different preferences and learning styles. However, some recommended color codes include:

  1. Yellow: Use yellow to highlight the main points and key ideas in the text.
  2. Green: Use green to highlight supporting details or examples.
  3. Pink: Use pink to highlight important definitions or concepts.
  4. Blue: Use blue to highlight additional information or important context.
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Ultimately, the color code you choose should be one that works best for you and helps you stay organized and focused while studying. Remember, highlighting does not do the work of your brain when studying. It only aids your brain.


Is it good to use a highlighter for studying?

Yes, using a highlighter can be an effective study technique, but it should be used in conjunction with other study techniques, such as note-taking and active reading.

What color highlighter is best for studying?

The best highlighter color for studying depends on your personal preferences and learning style. However, some recommended colors include yellow, green, pink, and blue.

Is it better to take notes or highlight?

It’s generally recommended to take notes while studying since it forces you to actively engage with the material and can help you retain information better. However, highlighting can be a useful supplement to note-taking. You should use both highlighting and note-taking to help you study better.

Do highlighters help memory?

Yes. Research has proven that highlighting can boost memory retention. By using a structured system for highlighting different parts of your study materials, your brain is able to recall the information when needed.


Highlighting is a valuable study technique that can help you retain and recall information more efficiently. If you have not imbibed the use of color highlighters to highlight your study materials when studying, you should try it. Do you want to buy a color highlighter? Find out how much does a highlighter cost.

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