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Looking for the one of the best gel pens for writing? If yes, then this article is for you. As a student, not only should reading be a habit, writing also, should be a habit.- something you really love to do; to do this, you need to have on of the best gel pens for writing.

In the world of writing instruments, where there are pens of various types, designs and functions, the gel pens have emerged as one of the favored choice among students, writers and individuals seeking a seamless and enjoyable writing experience.

The gel pen, a product of technological innovation and precision engineering, has captured the attention of students, professionals, artists, and enthusiasts alike. With their smooth ink flow, vivid colors, and ergonomic designs, gel pens have transcended their utilitarian purpose to become tools that marry functionality with aesthetics.

Their innovative ink composition not only results in reduced friction but also provides an even, consistent line on paper. They also result in an effortless glides across the page, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged writing sessions.

In this article of the best gel pens for writing, we will be looking at a selection of well-regarded options that have garnered praise for their quality and performance.

By examining the features, strengths, and unique offerings of these pens, we aim to assist you in making an informed decision that aligns with your specific requirements.

Best gel pens for writing

Best Gel Pens for Writing

Below are some of the best gel pens for writing. These gel pens have been used by many students all over the world and are highly trusted. They include;

1. Nekigoen Rollerball Pen Fine Point Gel Black Ink Smooth Writing

This is one pen I really like. It is indeed a “nice” pen. The body seems to be all metal, there is a plastic insert in the cap, which I like because it won’t mar up the body when posting the cap.

The writing tip and threads of  this pen are a coated metal which was a pleasant surprise, I assumed they would be plastic. Unfortunately Pilot g2 refills do not fit. I had to go with the Pilotv5rt refills which FIT!!!!

I ordered another one for a friend of mine and may order a precision drill bit to try to adapt it, or give it to someone as a gift, or keep as a back-up.

Overall I’d say but this pen for the body and if you get descent refills then you get a bonus.

Features of this Gel Pen

  • Made of High quality aluminum materials
  • A professional writing tool
  • Rollerball pen is super-smooth writing experience
  • Rich ink flow, consistent lines, and fairly quick drying
  • Great for practicing your handwriting, calligraphy, or kanji or whatever
  • Attractive appearance
  • Glossy elegant metallic lacquer finish accented by metallic trims makes a good sense of view and touch. Feeling substantial and premium when writing. Long life time, the pen still retains luster and there is no any signs of wear.
  • Comes with a beautiful packaging
  • Value for money

What I love about this Gel Pen

Every writers knows that one of the small, but great joys in life is writing with an awesome pen. I enjoy writing a lot at work, and felt that was a perfect excuse to buy a fancy pen.

After lots of research, I picked this gel pen. The pen itself is nice, and I used about one refill per month, and like I said, I write A LOT. I have been using this pen for over 6 months and I just ordered the 15 pack refill set for $10, which is a great deal, should last more than a year.

Do not be fooled at how cheap this pen is, it’s fantastic!

Possible downsides

None! What I not to like?

Where to buy from

The best place to get this gel pen is from Amazon. They’ve got this pen at the best price ever. They’ve also got a wonderful customer care service and a superb delivery service.


2. Writech Gel Pens Fine Point

As a writer, I usually buy Japanese brand pens(because they seem very durable), but I wanted to try something new and I gave these a try after seeing them on Tiktok.

So far, they are so smooth and easy to write with. I like to click my pens a lot and the silent feature of these are perfect so I can click without annoying people around me.

They do skip a little bit on certain paper but they are so smooth most of the time so I don’t mind. They also do not bleed or smudge when highlighter is applied!

Features of this Gel Pen

  • High quality
  • Patented Silent Click design reduces distractions to others and ourselves, especially in a quiet environment.
  • Fine point 0.5mm Needle tip for precise and delicate lines.
  • Super Smooth writing experience comes from special Twin-ball nib design for no skip and no smudge.
  • Special Quick Dry ink with no smear and no bleed technology keeps your hands and the paper clean, also suitable for lefties.
  • Unique and cute prints on pen clip bring good mood for writers.
  • Aesthetic and skinny pen barrel is suitable for ladies using in class, office or any other occasions. Taking notes, writing cards or being a gift on Festival for organizers and planners.
  • Beautiful
  • Value for money
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What I love about this Gel Pen

I love everything about these pens, I was only looking out for something to fit the cute pastel aesthetic I was going for in my office so I tried these out to compare to my all time favorite the pilot g2 pens.

These pens are very smooth to write with and I’ve found they dry fairly quicker than the g2 pens, and after fully dry (10-15 seconds) there is no smudging when highlighting over them!

They are a game changer as the g2 unfortunately smear when highlighted on making the words harder to read. I’m also an avid writer, who loves to write any where and anytime,- during meetings or in general, etc.

Possible downsides

None! No smudge, very fine point, effortless writing I love this pen.

Where to buy from

The best place to get this gel pen is from Amazon. They’ve got this pen at the best price ever. They’ve also got a wonderful customer care service and a superb delivery service.


3. WRITECH Fine Point Gel Pens

Anything from this company automatically gets a 14/10! They take writing, journaling and the experience to the next level!

This pen writes smooth, comfortable to hold, and VERY affordable.

Features of this Gel Pen

  • High quality
  • Blue Ink: This 10 count of blue ink gel pen with transparent barrel is perfect for home, school, workspace or business offices
  • Smooth Writing Experience
  • The tip of the gel ink pen consists of a medium point 0.7 mm bullet
  • Comes with smooth and continuous in ink
  • No skips and no bleed.
  • Quick Dry Ink
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Multi-function Pen Clip
  • Value for money

What I love about this Gel Pen

Possible downsides

None! These pens are indeed, very fine writing instruments. They write very smoothly.

Where to buy from

The best place to get this gel pen is from Amazon. They’ve got this pen at the best price ever. They’ve also got a wonderful customer care service and a superb delivery service.


4. SHARPIE S-Gel, Gel Pens

These pens are ergonomically great and the ink flows without interruption. They are an awesome daily pen without spending some times hundreds. The sizing of this pen is perfect for a good hand and the cheap feeling of the plastic version is all but gone.

They were recommended to me by a renowned nurse named “Ebi.” They’re perfect for anyone who has to sign their name hundreds of times a day or for anyone with physical limitations.

They don’t transfer onto your hand or smudge and they flow so nicely, my handwriting looks neat but it’s really not at all.

Would highly recommend.

Features of this Gel Pen

  • High quality
  • Sleek metal barrel for an eye-catching, premium look
  • Gel pen with no smear, no bleed technology
  • Intensely bold gel ink colors offer always-vivid writing
  • Contoured rubber grip for a comfortable writing experience
  • Includes 4 black gel ink pens in medium point (0.7mm)
  • No smear, no bleed technology
  • Value for money

What I love about this Gel Pen

I love that these pens, write smoothly. I love the red colour. These are my new favorite gel pens. Love how sleek they look and how well they write. Everyone will ask about these when they see you using them

Possible downsides

None! They are a little on the expensive side, but are worth it and it’s worth having a great pen.

Where to buy from

The best place to get this gel pen is from Amazon. They’ve got this pen at the best price ever. They’ve also got a wonderful customer care service and a superb delivery service.


5.  Paper Mate Gel Pens InkJoy Pens

As a student I do not only love reading, but I love taking notes with different colors so that my notes don’t blur together. These pens are PERFECT for note taking.

They glide so smoothly and don’t smear! Thes pens feel so great in my hand as well, they don’t make my hand cramp like other smaller pens have in the past.

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I also tested my sharpie pen to see if I’d like the black sharpie pen over this black pen, but I’d prefer the black pen that comes in this pack!

They are simply amazing set of pens, glides smoother than any ball point I’ve tried, ink dries faster than any gel I’ve tried. The colors are exactly what I’m looking for: They add a little something something, but still sophisticated, and distinguishable from each other, but not so bright that you can’t read them.

The grip of the pen is amazing, super comfy. They’re so smooth on every level you might never want to go back. Thought they were expensive at first but for the quality you get vs anything else at this price or even higher, it’s so worth it.

Would recommend them

Features of this Gel Pen

  • High quality
  • Dries 3X faster* for reduced smearing
  • Smooth, colorful ink keeps the ideas flowing across the page and brightens your writing
  • Ergonomic comfort grip wraps the entire gel pen
  • 0.7mm medium point spreads ink beautifully
  • Includes 14 gel pens in assorted vibrant colors
  • Value for money

What I love about this Gel Pen

I love that these pens are very fast drying ink with minimal smearing, only when it comes to highlighters aside from that they are great pens for the hospital less ink on your scrubs thanks to the hiding clip.

I have bought extra two (2) boxes because I gave some to some of my coworkers in my office who love them also!! I just had to share!!

Possible downsides

None! These are one of the smoothest gel pens you’d ever see or use. They’re so aesthetically pleasing. They write like butter. The black one is a little bit more like a ballpoint compared to the others. All of the colors are incredible.

I absolutely love these pens! I love the great quality and love that they come in a wide variety of colors. They also have lasted me quite a while.- I love that too. And would be perfect for teachers, students, or for anyone who wants good quality pens in vibrant colors.

Where to buy from

The best place to get this gel pen is from Amazon. They’ve got this pen at the best price ever. They’ve also got a wonderful customer care service and a superb delivery service.


Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Gel Pen

Let’s look at a comprehensive buyer’s guide/break down on the key factors to consider when choosing the perfect gel pen to suit your unique needs and preferences.

1. Ink Quality and Consistency

The heart of any gel pen lies in its ink formulation. Look for pens that offer smooth, consistent ink flow without skipping or clumping. Gel pens with high-quality ink provide a satisfying writing experience by effortlessly gliding on paper, whether for quick jottings or extensive writing sessions.

2. Tip Size and Type

Gel pens are available in various tip sizes, ranging from ultra-fine to broad. Choose a tip size that aligns with your writing style and purpose. Ultra-fine tips are ideal for detailed work, while broader tips are great for bolder lines. Additionally, consider the tip type – needlepoint tips offer precision, while conical tips provide a balanced writing experience.

3. Comfort and Grip

Ergonomics play a crucial role in ensuring a comfortable writing experience. Look for gel pens with comfortable grips that allow for extended writing without causing hand fatigue. Rubberized or contoured grips can enhance your comfort, especially during long writing sessions.

4. Quick-Drying Ink

If you’re a left-handed writer or need your writing to dry quickly to prevent smudging, opt for gel pens with quick-drying ink. Such pens minimize the risk of accidentally smearing your writing, ensuring clean and neat work.

5. Color Variety

Gel pens come in an array of vibrant colors, making them a favorite for creative projects. Consider the color range offered by a pen – from classic blacks and blues to an assortment of fun and unique hues. Some pens also offer specialty colors like metallic or glitter options.

6. Refillability

Eco-conscious buyers might prefer gel pens that are refillable, as they reduce waste by allowing you to replace the ink cartridge instead of the entire pen. Check if the pen you’re considering offers compatible refills, as this can save both money and resources in the long run.

7. Brand Reputation

Established brands often have a track record of producing reliable and high-quality writing instruments. Research brands like Pilot, Uni-ball, Sakura, and Pentel, among others, and read reviews to gauge the performance and durability of their gel pens.

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8. Special Features

Some gel pens come with unique features such as retractable tips, built-in stylus tips for touchscreen devices, and erasable ink. Consider whether these features align with your needs and preferences.

9. Price Point

Gel pens are available at various price points, so set a budget that works for you. While higher-priced options might offer advanced features or premium designs, there are also affordable gel pens that provide excellent performance.

10. Try Before Buying

If possible, visit a stationery store to try out different gel pens before making a decision. The tactile experience can provide valuable insights into how the pen feels in your hand and how it writes.

Best gel pens for writing

Frequently Asked Questions about Gel Pens

1. What is a gel pen, and how does it differ from a ballpoint pen?

A gel pen uses a water-based gel ink that provides a smoother and more vibrant writing experience compared to the oil-based ink of a ballpoint pen. Gel pens typically offer smoother ink flow and come in a wider range of colors.

2. Do gel pens smudge easily?

Gel pens can smudge if the ink takes longer to dry. However, many gel pens now feature quick-drying ink to minimize smudging, making them suitable for left-handed writers or those who need fast-drying ink.

3. Are gel pens refillable?

Some gel pens are refillable, which means you can replace the ink cartridge instead of disposing of the entire pen. Check the pen’s specifications or packaging to see if it’s compatible with refills.

4. Can I use gel pens for art and coloring?

Yes, many artists and colorists prefer gel pens for their vibrant colors and smooth ink flow. Gel pens are suitable for detailed work and adding pops of color to your art projects.

5. Are gel pens erasable?

Some gel pens, like the Pilot FriXion series, come with erasable ink. These pens use thermo-sensitive ink that can be erased using friction. Keep in mind that erasable gel pens might not provide the same permanence as traditional gel pens.

6. What’s the difference between rollerball and gel pens?

Rollerball pens use liquid ink, which can sometimes result in a smoother writing experience compared to gel pens. Gel pens, however, offer more consistent ink flow and can produce bolder lines.

7. Can I use gel pens on glossy paper or surfaces?

Gel pens can work on glossy paper, but the ink might take longer to dry and could smudge more easily. It’s a good idea to test the pen on a small area before committing to extensive writing or drawing on glossy surfaces.

8. Are there waterproof gel pens?

Some gel pens offer waterproof or water-resistant ink, which makes them suitable for documents or artwork that might be exposed to moisture. Check the pen’s specifications for information on water resistance.

9. Are gel pens suitable for writing exams or official documents?

Gel pens are often considered suitable for exams and official documents due to their consistent ink flow and quality. However, it’s a good idea to check specific exam or document guidelines, as some places might have restrictions on ink types.

10. How can I prevent gel pens from skipping or blobbing?

Skipping or blobbing can occur if the pen is held at an extreme angle or if the pen is low on ink. Holding the pen upright and ensuring it’s properly filled with ink can help prevent these issues.


Each of these gel pens listed above are exceptional and have their own strengths, whether it’s for daily note-taking, artistic expression, or professional documentation.

As you embark on your writing journey, remember that personal preferences play a pivotal role in finding the perfect gel pen. The smoothness of ink, the precision of the tip, the comfort of the grip – these factors contribute to a writing experience that transcends mere utility and becomes a source of joy and satisfaction.

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