Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada That Are Currently Hiring Now( With Visa Sponsorship)


Welcome to the exciting world of fruit picking jobs in Canada, where you can transform your career into an adventure amid nature. This guide offers comprehensive insights into the opportunities and benefits of fruit picking roles, complete with visa sponsorship.

Introduction to Fruit Picking in Canada

Canada’s vast and varied climate zones make it an ideal setting for a plethora of fruit orchards. As a fruit picker, you will play an integral part in the journey of fruits like crisp apples and sweet berries, from the orchard to consumers’ tables.

The Increasing Demand for Fruit Pickers

The fruit picking industry in Canada is not just offering jobs but is crafting enriching experiences that connect you deeply with the natural and cultural fabric of the country. As global demands for fresh produce rise, so does the need for diligent and passionate fruit pickers.

Unlock Opportunities with Visa Sponsorship


Canadian fruit farms provide extensive visa sponsorship programs, facilitating your seamless integration into the workforce and Canadian society. This support is crucial for those looking to start a fresh chapter in their lives in Canada.

Top Employers in the Fruit Picking Industry

    1. Apple Harvest Farms (Nova Scotia)

      Positions: Apple Picker, Orchard Maintenance

      Pay: $15/hr + bonuses

      Benefits: On-site accommodation, Visa sponsorship

    2. Maple Berry Estates (Ontario)

      Positions: Strawberry Picker, Maple Syrup Processor

      Pay: $14/hr + overtime

      Benefits: Skill development programs, Visa sponsorship

    3. Peach Blossom Orchards (Quebec)

      Positions: Peach Picker, Tree Pruner

      Pay: $16/hr + seasonal bonuses

      Benefits: Shared housing, Visa sponsorship

    4. Grapevine Vineyards Inc. (British Columbia)

      Positions: Grape Picker, Vineyard Caretaker

      Pay: $17/hr + incentives

      Benefits: Viticulture education, Visa sponsorship

    5. Kiwi Grove Plantations (Manitoba)

      Positions: Kiwi Fruit Picker, Quality Controller

      Pay: $15/hr + performance bonuses

      Benefits: Cultural exchange programs, Visa sponsorship

    6. Orchard Breeze Farms (Alberta)

      Positions: Cherry Picker, Farmhand

      Pay: $15/hr + seasonal incentives

      Benefits: Health insurance, Visa sponsorship, Free transportation

    7. Citrus Valley Plantations (Saskatchewan)

      Positions: Citrus Fruit Picker, Orchard Supervisor

      Pay: $16/hr + bonus for high yield

      Benefits: Retirement plan contributions, Visa sponsorship, Educational workshops

    8. Berry Sweet Farms (New Brunswick)

      Positions: Blueberry Picker, Field Coordinator

      Pay: $14/hr + productivity bonuses

      Benefits: Accommodation, Visa sponsorship, Season-end bonuses

    9. Northern Apple Orchards (Yukon)

      Positions: Apple Picker, Orchard Technician

      Pay: $18/hr + end-of-season bonus

      Benefits: Travel stipends, Visa sponsorship, On-site training

    10. Vine & Vines Estate (British Columbia)

      Positions: Grape Picker, Vineyard Operations Assistant

      Pay: $17/hr + harvest bonuses

      Benefits: Housing allowance, Visa sponsorship, Professional development courses

The Visa Sponsorship Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Securing a job with visa sponsorship is more straightforward than ever. Our comprehensive guide ensures you know exactly what steps to take from the moment you receive your job offer.

Why Choose Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada?

Opting for a fruit picking job in Canada goes beyond mere employment; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that rewards financially and enriches personally. The comprehensive benefits extend from competitive wages to invaluable cultural exchanges.


Embrace the unique opportunity to delve into Canada’s rich agricultural scene with a fruit picking job. It’s more than a job—it’s a doorway to new experiences and achievements.


  • Do I need prior experience for fruit-picking jobs?While prior experience in fruit picking or similar agricultural work can be beneficial, it is not a mandatory requirement for most farms. Employers typically offer on-the-job training to ensure that new workers are equipped with the necessary skills to perform their tasks effectively.
  • How long are the work contracts for fruit-picking jobs?Work contracts can vary significantly depending on the farm and the type of fruit being harvested. Typically, these contracts last from a few months to cover the peak harvesting season. However, some contracts may offer the possibility to extend based on mutual agreement and the worker’s performance.
  • Are there age restrictions for these jobs?Yes, there are generally age restrictions in place for fruit-picking jobs. Applicants must usually be 18 years of age or older. This requirement ensures that all workers are legally able to work and can physically handle the demands of the job.
  • Can I extend my visa after the job contract ends?The possibility of extending your visa after your job contract ends depends on the type of visa you have and the regulations of Canadian immigration law. Work visas are often tied to the length of your contract, but extensions or transitions to different visa types might be possible under certain conditions. It’s advisable to consult with your employer and possibly a legal advisor to explore your options.
  • Is accommodation always provided by the farms?Many farms offer accommodation as part of the employment package, especially for international workers. However, the availability and type of accommodation can vary between farms. It’s important to confirm these details directly with the employer before accepting the job offer.
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