Is Purdue a Good School? | 9 Top Reasons to Attend Purdue University


Purdue is a good school. It has become academically competitive in recent years thanks to its administration which has also ensured that the school’s tuition has been maintained fairly without any exorbitant hikes. Purdue boasts of a solid digital infrastructure and campus jobs to help students gain more experience. They also have a welcoming environment for international students but partying in the school is a major concern. 

In this article, Is Purdue a Good School, I am going to be showing you some of the best reasons why you should attend Purdue if you are considering it. The article also discusses the Purdue acceptance rate, admission requirements, and some of the majors offered by the school. Overall, Purdue is a great school as you will see going forward.

Is Purdue a good school

Is Purdue a Good School [Insider Insights]

Purdue University is without a doubt a good school. The university is recognized both in the state of Indiana, the United States, and the world. Even though it has a wide variety of courses, Purdue is recognized for having one of the best engineering, nursing, and pharmacy schools in the United States. I spoke with a couple of Purdue students (both past and present) and they cited the following as some of the exceptional qualities the university has:

  • Competitive Academic Culture
  • Regulated Tuition Fees 
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure and Facilities
  • On-Campus Jobs 
  • Professional and Experts Staff
  • Welcoming Environment for International Students 
  • Commitment to Student Development
  • Vast Alumni Network
  • Outstanding Extracurricular Activities

Students and parents considering applying to Purdue University can bank on the fact that Purdue is a good school especially if they are majoring in nursing, pharmacy, or any engineering courses. I will explain my findings based on what I learned while discussing with Purdue students and alumni and after visiting the university.

Competitive Academic Culture

The goal behind researching colleges is to see which provides the best educational experience suited for the needs of a prospective student. Purdue has improved its academic standards over the last decade. From upgrading its academic facilities to providing students with access to educational resources, Purdue has been able to produce cutting-edge graduates, fully equipped to succeed in their careers.

Purdue has become a top-tier institution for engineering, pharmacy, nursing, aviation, cybersecurity, and agriculture. It is tied with the University of Austin, Texas as #10 in the best engineering programs in the United States by U.S. News. Purdue is #1 in the United States for Biology and Agriculture and sits comfortably at the fourth position for schools with a good aeronautic and aerospace program. This remarkable feat is a product of the exceptional administration and leadership going on at Purdue University.

Regulated Tuition Fees

One of the many problems parents and students face when choosing a university to study at is finding one that matches their pocket. Tuition fees in the United States are on the high side and it almost feels like an affordable school doesn’t offer as much quality as the expensive ones. This narrative is not true with Purdue University as the school’s management has ensured they maintain tuition fees without undue raises.

The school can achieve this feat by reducing its reliance on State support and student tuition fee. Purdue University has partnered with companies and the synergy formed is helping to cushion the financial burden the school should face. Interestingly, these companies are open to hiring Purdue graduates. Hence, you enjoy affordable tuition at Purdue and a high chance of landing a job from a reputable firm the moment you graduate.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure & Facilities

Purdue was established in 1869 and you can expect it to still have its old buildings but the school has upped its facilities to provide a conducive learning environment. One of the problems with old universities like Purdue is their slowness to adapt to the changing global landscape. Purdue is a standout in this regard. The school is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and digital infrastructure as it ensures that students do not lack what they need to be relevant in the world today.

On-Campus Jobs

As part of the steps to give students real-life experiences, Purdue offers a range of on-campus jobs. From being a mail room attendant to a library attendant, teaching assistant, research assistant, peer tutor, fitness class instructor, and much more, you will find cool on-campus jobs at Purdue University.


Professional and Expert Staff

The staff strength and expertise at a school are as important as any other thing. When you have good quality among the staff, you can expect to produce great students. The teachers are the ones who will be responsible for shaping a student’s future. It is therefore important that they have the right qualifications, experience, and training. A school with a large number of qualified staff members is more likely to produce better results than one that does not have enough teachers.

Purdue’s staff is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and compassionate in their work with students. In addition to imparting academic knowledge and skills, they also teach morals, social values, career ethics, and much more.

Welcoming Environment for International Students

Purdue University is the nation’s number one destination for international students in STEM fields and ranks in the top ten schools with the most international student attendance. STEM is a broad term used in referring to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. No university in the United States gets as many STEM international students as Purdue and this is not surprising as the school is a haven for such students.

If you are looking to study in the United States from anywhere in the world, Purdue is a good option for you. You will enjoy more advantages if you are majoring in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computer science, aviation, agriculture, and pharmacy.

Commitment to Student Development 

There’s a mantra at Purdue University that goes thus “Purdue TRIES, Purdue CARES.” This is not just a coined term but an experience in the school. The school is structured in a way that sees all the staff and management working towards the growth and development of the students. They do not see students as a corporate body alone but deal with them on an individual basis, providing the support they need to become the best version of themselves.

Not so many schools are this particular about student development as Purdue University.

Vast Alumni Network 

The Purdue alumni network is extensive, with many Purdue alumni holding positions as heads of departments, presidents, deans, and CEOs. This extensive network of alumni helps students land jobs after graduating. Their impact is also visibly seen on the university campus as they contribute their quota to their alma mater periodically.

Outstanding Extracurricular Activities 

Purdue University is one school that balances academics and fun. Students are exposed to a variety of sports and music lessons, which help them develop their talents in these areas. From the school’s marching band to the Glee Club and Purduettes (the all-female singing group), Purdue has numerous musical talent clubs. There are also many other clubs students can participate in besides the musical ones. It truly is a fun school that keeps to its long-life traditions such as the Breakfast Club, Grand Prix, Boiler Gold Rush, and more.

So, we’ll talk about the school and how it fares when it comes to a selected range of courses. I will also discuss the Purdue acceptance rate and admission requirements.

Purdue Acceptance Rate

The Purdue acceptance rate is 67%. However, judging from historical data, the acceptance rate for 2022-2023 will likely fall to 54%. A good effort and high scores are required to get into Purdue, as the university’s admission rate is low. Students admitted to various programs are those who do well in their classes and have a good GPA, SAT or ACT test score. The university does not accept laziness or laxity, so students who want to get admitted should study hard and get the required scores.

Purdue University Admission Requirement

To be considered for admission into Purdue University, there are some requirements to be met. These include:

  • An average High School GPA of 3. 42-3.78
  • Recommendation letters
  • SAT/ACT test scores will be required
  • High School class ranking
  • College prep classes
  • School records
  • Fill out and submit an online application
  • Meet  and comply with application deadlines
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For the SAT test, you’ll need scores between 1190 (25th percentile) to 1440 (75th percentile), while for the ACT test, you’ll need a score between 25 (25th percentile) to 32 (75 percentile).

Is Purdue a Good School for Engineering?

Purdue is reckoned to be one of the best schools for engineering in the United States. A typical Purdue engineering graduate has a starting salary of around $58,000. While many contests this sort of privilege, when you consider the school’s investment in students, you will not be in doubt about why Purdue engineering graduates are given such preferential treatment.

Although not on the same level as MIT and other top engineering schools in the United States, Purdue has facilities, structures, and staff that provide adequate training and exposure for students, strategically preparing them for innovative engineering careers. Being among the top 10 best engineering universities by U.S. News speaks volumes about Purdue University College of Engineering.

Is Purdue a Good School For Psychology?

For a major in Psychology, I will trust another school other than Purdue. Although the university ranks pretty well in Indiana for universities to study psychology, they do not rank high at a national level. For instance, College Factual ranks Purdue University #238 among the best schools to study psychology in the United States.

I will only recommend Purdue if you must school in Indiana, otherwise, I will advise you to go to Yale, UC, John Hopkins, University of Chicago, etc.

Is Purdue a Good School For Pre-Med?

Purdue does not have a medical school, so if you have completed pre-med coursework and would like to continue on to medical school, then you need to apply to a different school. The university is not at a top level when it comes to pre-med courses but it is less expensive than other schools. If you are in Indiana, you would probably have the best of experiences schooling at Purdue but I would recommend attending a different college if you do not stay close to Indiana.

Is Purdue a Good School For Computer Science?

Ranked in the top 20 by the U.S. News and World Report, Purdue University offers a comprehensive education in computer science. With facilities, lecturers, and courses that stand out as being among the best in the United States, Purdue is ready to meet students’ needs for learning about computers in a digitally driven world.

Is Purdue a Good School For Business?

Purdue University’s Krannert School of Business used to be one of the top business schools in the United States. The business school was once among the top 25 U.S. business schools but that has changed over the last five years with the school going about 40 places backward in ranking. It recently announced that it would be ‘pausing’ its business school’s MBA program.

David Hummels, the Dean of Krannert School of Business claimed that the school’s loss in ranking is predicated on its loss in ranking. According to Hummels, the school has decided to ‘pause’ its business program as it needs time to determine if the program is worth it.

Is Purdue a Good School for Biology?

The Biology Department at Purdue University is the university’s largest department in the life sciences and offers degree-granting programs in a wide range of areas of biology. Purdue is often ranked among the Top 100 schools in the United States for biology and the U.S. News 2022 ranking for top Biology schools in the United States ranked Purdue #50.

Purdue University provides students with the tools and facilities to aid their study of biology. Additionally, the well-trained staff at Purdue supervises and engages in training students in this line of study. This course allows students to either pursue a general curriculum with a bachelor of science or prepare them for professional school or graduate work. At the end of the study, students can decide what best suits them, and they can venture into it.

Is Purdue a Good School For Nursing?

Ranked by the U.S News & World Report, Purdue University comes in as the number 26 best nursing school making it a great place for nursing programs. If you’re looking to get admitted into the school, you’ll need a minimum undergraduate nursing cumulative average GPA of 3.0. Students who meet the average score can be considered eligible for admission into the Purdue nursing program.

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Is Purdue a Good School For Physical Therapy?

Unfortunately, Purdue University does not offer a physical therapy major. However, there are other related pre-health courses to choose from. Students can also choose to apply to schools around the country that offer good physical therapy programs.

Is Purdue a Partying School?

If there was any problem I have with Purdue University is the fact that the school is a party school. Students who are unable to handle academics with socializing may not excel at Purdue. If you are going to Purdue, you need to be sure that you can maintain your focus despite all the social activities and parties that would be going on.

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Is Purdue a prestigious school?

Purdue University is regarded as a prestigious university due to its academic standard. The school offers high-quality education in the hands of well-specialized tutors of whom some are professors in their field of study. The school ranks top 50 in the world making it a prestigious university not just within the State but worldwide.

Is Purdue as good as the Ivy League?

Yes, it is as good if not better than most Ivy. This is because the institution belongs to a much more active athletic conference- the Division I Big Ten Conference and fields stronger athletic teams, and so, is highly regarded both within the State and outside the State.

What is Purdue Known for Academically?

The school is known to major in engineering. Purdue University is considered a great school for engineering. They have produced great engineers who are contributing to the sustainability of an ever-growing tech world. This institute isn’t just limited to just engineering courses, they also have other great programs at school.

What are the cons of Purdue University?

At Purdue, the housing quality is quite poor and students have to live with such. This is because landlords are nonchalant about student accommodation as nobody is troubleshooting on behalf of the students.

Additionally, alcohol has become almost predominate at the school as most students believe it to be the best way to have fun and fit into the social life of the school

Is Purdue hard to get into?

With an average acceptance rate of 59.8%, it can be hard to get into the school. Out of 100 students who apply to the school only 60% get admitted into the school. Also, different programs have different acceptance rates and students willing to apply to any program must meet the requirements for a program to be considered for admission into such a program.


Purdue University is a top-tier university in the United States. If you are going to study there, I will recommend you are going for a STEM major. This is where the school’s horn is. They have comprehensive programs for STEM students that are in the top 10 class in the United States.

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