Top 8 Online Colleges That Accept FAFSA


The majority of accredited online colleges and universities accept federal financial aid in the same way that traditional colleges and universities do. Hence, many online students will be eligible for FAFSA financial aid which can be used to pay for tuition and other educational resources.

So, if you’re considering online learning but are worried about paying tuition or that you won’t be eligible for the same type of financial aid as you would at a regular school, relax!  This article is for you!  In this article, we’ll show you what the FAFSA entails and how you can go about the whole process.

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Online Colleges That Accept FAFSA

What is FAFSA?

 The Free Application for Federal Student Aid simply known as FAFSA, is a form that is filled out to apply for financial aid. The US Department of Education is usually in charge of organizing and awarding this. This department gives over 13 million students who file for the FAFSA about $120 billion in grants, work-study, and low-interest loans each year.

FAFSA is a form that present and prospective college students in the United States complete or fill out to see if they are eligible for student financial aid. So, students can apply for government grants, work-study, and loans through the FAFSA. Additionally, certain states and institutions may utilize this information to award financial assistance to students.

You should note that not all schools, whether traditional or online, accept the FAFSA. Therefore, before applying for admission or financial assistance, you should conduct your research to figure out which institutions, particularly online colleges, accept FAFSA. However, you shouldn’t worry as we have done justice to that in this article.

As earlier stated, financial aid can be used to pay for tuition and, if there is any money left, it can be used to purchase school supplies such as computers and textbooks, as well as pay for housing and living expenses. Online students, on the other hand, do not have to pay for accommodation or, in certain situations, living expenses because they may still be staying with their parents.

However, if you are an individual living alone and registered in an online college, you will not require the funds for living expenses if you are employed, but you may require it if you are not.

For any online school with regional accreditation, the FAFSA is the primary method of obtaining federal student aid. However, you should know that most online colleges with national accreditation do not accept FAFSA.

A few things to note:

  •  If you want government assistance, you’ll need to fill out and submit the FAFSA form.
  • The FAFSA is a completely free application; no one should charge you to fill it out for you.
  • Also, keep in mind that you must apply for financial aid every year if you want to continue receiving it.
  • Use a permanent email address instead of your high school email address to keep your FAFSA account active.
  • One of the six prerequisites for a $40,000 College Board Opportunity Scholarship is completing the FAFSA.
  • You are eligible for a $1,000 College Board Opportunity Scholarship based on your FAFSA.
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How do you know if you’re eligible for FAFSA? 

Before filling out the FAFSA, students, full-time or part-time, online or on campus, must meet specific conditions. These conditions include:

  • The applicants must have a high school diploma or any equivalent. 
  • Applicants must prove that they have a financial necessity.
  • The applicants must hold United States citizenship.
  • Applicants must possess a valid Social Security number.
  • Male applicants between the ages of 18 and 25 must register with Selective Service.
  • Applicants must be enrolled in an appropriate and accredited online college or diploma program that accepts FAFSA.
  • If you wish to obtain federal financial aid, you must submit the FAFSA every year, particularly through a Renewal FAFSA form.

What are the online colleges that accept FAFSA?

Below are some online colleges that are accredited and accept FAFSA. Note that these schools are among the best online universities that accept the FAFSA and offer federal financial aid to online students enrolled in US institutions.

1. St. John’s University


St. John’s University is a Roman Catholic private college founded in 1870. The school, which is based in New York City, offers a wide range of online graduate degree programs. This college is approved by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and is one of the best accredited online schools that take FAFSA. It offers both online and on-campus courses that lead to undergraduate and graduate degrees. Their programs are flexible and each student has the opportunity to learn at their own pace.

Full-time online students will receive an IBM laptop as well as a variety of services such as technical support, library resources, and career counselling. Aside from federal aid, St. John’s University’s Office of Financial Aid offers state and university aid programs, as well as privately supported scholarships.

SJU’s programs online are taught by the university’s reputable faculty and offer the same high-quality education as on-campus courses.

2. Seton Hall University


Seton Hall University was founded in 1856 and is a leading Catholic university accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. It offers rigorous academic programs to prepare students with in-demand skills in whatever field of study they choose. It is one of the online colleges that accept FAFSA providing students with financial aid as well as other student services which include online registration, counseling, library resources, campus ministry, and career services.

They provide the same high-quality education and cover the same topics, which are taught by the school’s award-winning faculty as the on-campus programs.

You can acquire a degree or certificate while developing practical skills and networking with leading firms through Seton Hall University’s online programs. MBA, M.A. in Counseling, M.A.E in Education Leadership, Management, and Policy, and other certificate programs are among the options.

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3. Lewis University


Founded in 1932, Lewis University is a private Catholic university located in Romeoville, Illinois. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is also a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. 

Lewis University offers online courses and accepts FAFSA and it is one of the best online colleges that accept FAFSA. This renowned university offers online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs to any student.

Lewis University’s online programs give you the flexibility to learn in a way that suits your learning style, whether you want to finish a college degree, enrol in graduate training, or obtain new knowledge through online courses. A personal Student Services Coordinator will be assigned to each student to help them during the academic year.

4. Bradley University


Bradley University, founded in 1897 in Peoria, Illinois, is a private university. It is also accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, therefore it accepts FAFSA and offers financial aid from the federal government. It is not only its regular students that benefit from the FAFSA program but also its online learners. Bradley offers a variety of online programs to students from across the country, and many of them can use the FAFSA to help pay for tuition and school supplies.

Nursing, Counseling, Education, and other credentials are among the online programs available. Bradley University provides students with a flexible learning environment, peer interaction, great instructors, solid support, practical knowledge, and a well-established network when they study online. This is an experience that you can have any time and whenever you have internet access.

5. Utica College


Utica College, New York, is an online college that accepts the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). and is approved by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Higher Education. Over 90% of on-campus and online learners get federal financial aid, and the staff is ready to assist students with any application process, including scholarships, student loans, and grants.

Utica College offers a variety of online degree and certificate programs to help you improve your current abilities and advance in your job or pursue a new one without disrupting your personal life. The college offers the same high-quality education as traditional classrooms.

6. Anna Maria College


Anna Maria College, a private Catholic liberal arts online college, was established in 1946 and is accredited by the New England Commissioner of Higher Education. It is one of the online colleges that accept FAFSA and about 98 per cent of full-time students receive financial aid. It is located in Paxton, Massachusetts. You can quickly apply for  FAFSA on the school’s website and be considered for a government grant.

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Students have access to tech support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can seek advice from a dedicated Student Services Coordinator. Bachelor of Science in Fire Science, Master of Health Emergency Management, Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and other notable programs are offered by the college.

7. Widener University


Widener University is a private university in Chester, Pennsylvania, founded in 1821. It is approved by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and is one of the online colleges that take FAFSA. Widener University also provides nationally recognized degrees that are entirely delivered online, in addition to its traditional programs.

It provides unique, innovative online programs on a flexible platform. People who are already employed and looking to advance their professions or pursue a new professional path will benefit from the online programs.

Online programs are offered at the undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education levels. You should apply for financial aid because the school accepts FAFSA and it works for both on-campus and online students.

8. Lasell University


Lasell University, located in Auburndale, Massachusetts, is an accredited private, co-educational university. It grants degrees in liberal arts, sciences, and professional subjects. 

Courses are taught by experts in their disciplines who are also educators, and a creative yet practical curriculum is designed for real-world success.

Its programs are adaptable and handy, allowing students to access academic guidance, internship aid, networking opportunities, and library resources whenever they need them.


Finally, the FAFSA is an important part of obtaining financial help from any US university or college. Fortunately, many online universities accept FAFSA, so students thinking about distance learning can do so on a budget. As a result, we’ve made the effort to compile this information for you, and we hope it will assist you in making the decision you need to complete quickly.

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