Top 7 Online Colleges That Supply Laptops


Computers have become a must in higher education due to the world’s technological advancements. Students no longer depend solely on paper and pencils, notebooks, and heavy textbooks but instead utilize computers to follow along in class, conduct research, and finish assignments. The use of digital texts, web-based tests, and cloud storage has now become popular. 

An aspiring online student who does not have access to a computer or laptop that satisfies the basic technical requirements is clearly at a disadvantage. Today’s average student laptop costs around $1,000, with the lowest end at $199 and the most end at $1,799. For many students, this could be a roadblock that causes them to postpone or abandon their college aspirations. However, the good news is an increasing number of schools are attempting to overcome this obstacle.

This is why, whether online or on-campus, many colleges now supply laptops or tablets to all new students. Some colleges provide free laptops, with the cost of the laptop included in the tuition. Others sell laptops for a fraction of the cost. Schools may equip each student with the same device or provide selections based on their budget or academic major.

This article gives you a rundown of online colleges that supply laptops. Hence, if you’re seeking online universities that offer laptops and other useful information, you’ve come to the right place! 

What Does a Student Laptop Program Mean?

A lot of colleges and universities provide technology benefits for their students, whether traditional or online. Some of these benefits include free academic software and IT assistance. Most colleges expect students to bring their laptops to class. Some colleges, on the other hand, offer student laptop programs that provide qualifying students with free, subsidized, or loaner computers. 

Some schools supply laptops, while others provide iPads and other similar devices. In fact, every school has its peculiar technological benefit. Also, many schools cooperate with businesses or companies to offer discounted gadgets. For learners to engage in a laptop program, schools may need full-time enrolment. Also, some colleges and universities exclusively supply college laptops to new students at no cost at all. 

When learners graduate or complete a particular number of credits, the laptop ownership may be passed to them. Students who withdraw may be required to return or buy their laptops.

However, before using any school-provided gadget, make sure you understand the terms and limitations. Depending on your demands and the restrictions at your school, purchasing your laptop may be more useful in the long term, even if it is more expensive now.

What are the Types of Laptop Programs?

Colleges offer a variety of laptop program options to their students. The three most popular programs are listed below, along with their descriptions.

1. Loaner Laptops

Learners are provided laptops to make use of while they are studying at the school. However, the laptops must be returned upon graduation, transfer, or leaving the college. Hence, the laptop is not free to own, but free to use.

2. Early Graduation Gifts

A college may enable a student to use the laptop while enrolled. If the learner finishes the program, then the school transfers ownership of the laptop to the student. But, if the student leaves the college, it must be returned to the school. Thus, the free computer belongs to the school until the student graduates. This is a bonus upon graduation.

3. Payment Plans

Some colleges arrange payment plans by which the learner gradually pays off the cost of the laptop.  

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This ensures that students budget adequately during their years of college. The fees could be added to tuition or be a separate bill. This option is quite similar to a laptop rental scheme. So, the laptop will be his or hers by the time the student graduates from college.

Are the Laptops Online Colleges Offer Free?

While many colleges provide students with free laptops, the details of these technological initiatives differ by school. Some schools provide free laptops to all students with no further prerequisites. Other schools charge a technology fee to cover the cost of the laptop, which is usually spread out over several semesters. While some institutions do not distribute laptops for free, they do offer them at a significantly reduced cost.

Laptops are typically owned by students. Some schools, on the other hand, rent laptops to students for the period of their enrolment and ask them to be returned after graduation. While most schools with technology programs supply laptops to all new students, some exclusively provide devices to students enrolled in specific academic programs. When looking at online universities that provide laptops, students should look into any unique prerequisites for acquiring one.

How Do You Select the Most Appropriate Laptop for Online College?

In order to accomplish their coursework, college students frequently require the use of a laptop computer. However, a learner’s precise technology requirements are determined by their subject of study and the arrangement of their class. This section discusses hardware and software requirements, as well as other aspects to consider when selecting a device.

1. Think about the hardware you’ll require

Word processing, email, and video conferencing are common operations that do not necessitate high-end hardware. Technical courses like graphic design, video editing, and computer science, on the other hand, may need students to run demanding programs. Faster processors, more RAM, as well as plenty of hard drive space, are often beneficial to students in these professions.

More powerful laptops may be considered by even casual users. These machines, on the other hand, are frequently bulkier and less portable. Less powerful devices often have a smaller design and a longer battery life than their more powerful counterparts.

2. Consider taking classes online.

Students should think about their class formats when determining device specifications. Students in some online classes, for example, who must participate in frequent video conferencing, demand a laptop with a better camera. Learners in certain online programs, on the other hand, may not require a camera.

You should also consider where and how you intend to finish your courses. Students who travel a lot should consider a laptop with a long battery life. Learners who study mostly at home, on the other hand, may choose screen size over battery life.

3. Take into account any specialized software.

The majority of academic majors do not necessitate the use of complex computer applications. Accounting majors may need QuickBooks and Excel, but English majors may only require Microsoft Word. Programs in software engineering and graphic design, on the other hand, may need particular types of hardware and software. 

To run properly, demanding, industry-specific apps like Photoshop and Final Cut Pro require more advanced computer technology. Learners should purchase a laptop that can run any software that is relevant to their subject of study.

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Online Colleges That Supply Laptops

Below are the top online colleges that supply laptops, they include;

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1. Bethel University 


Bethel University is a Christian college in McKenzie, Tennessee. Tennessee citizens enrolled in the College of Adult & Professional Studies receive free laptops. Graduate students may also be eligible for free computers. Students enrolled at Bethel’s College of Arts and Sciences or seminary do not receive free computers.

After enrolling and completing an online orientation, eligible students will get their laptops in the mail. After paying tuition and expenses for the first term, students own their laptops. If a student drops out during the first semester, they must return their laptops.

Bethel provides online, a mix of face-to-face and online, and completely online programs with one or two-week on-campus intensives per year, depending on the curriculum and programs.

2. Chatham University 


Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, all first-year students at Chatham receive 13-inch MacBook Air laptops. Some transfer students may be eligible as well. Backpacks and Speck cases are also given to eligible pupils. Participants sign a contract granting them complete ownership of a MacBook after they graduate.

This hardware is used in all of the university’s undergraduate programs, and it comes with access to campus Wi-Fi and technical support. Chatham also provides students with access to CampusNexus, the university’s intranet, as well as free versions of popular applications such as Office 365 and Skype for Business.

The laptop program is funded by Chatham’s technology charge. Learners are covered by the AppleCare Warranty for four years. SafeWare Accidental Damage Protection and SafeWare Theft Protection are also included on laptops. Chatham’s Helpdesk Repair Services are available to students for free.

3. Full Sail University


The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges has granted Full Sail its accreditation. If you are interested in working in the entertainment and media industries then you should consider this online college. All students at this private university in Winter Park, Florida, receive technological kits.

Students receive iPads and laptops courtesy of Project LaunchBox. The Launchbox costs $3,000, but students with a 1.0 GPA or higher are eligible for a $3,000 stipend to pay the cost. Software and equipment are also provided to students. Those pursuing a degree may be able to obtain additional equipment and software during their second year. The cost of the technology bundle is included in the student’s tuition. After graduation, they own their devices and software.

HP laptops are given to students studying computer-related majors. Professional software and industry technologies are among the devices. Other majors are given MacBook Pros with degree-specific hardware and software. Cameras and media-creation software are given to large media companies.

4. Strayer University


The Middle States Commission on Higher Education has granted Strayer College accreditation. This for-profit school in Washington, D.C. provides new students with laptops. Returning students who have at least six courses left can also get gadgets. Microsoft software is included on laptops. Strayer does not replace laptops that are lost, stolen, or broken.

Upon enrolling, students must register for a bachelor’s degree and sign a laptop agreement. If recipients do not complete at least three of their first four quarters, they must return their laptops or pay $350. Strayer also provides loaner laptops, which students must return when they graduate.

This laptop program is not available to continuing students or transfer applicants who accept Strayer’s offer to cap tuition at $20,000 for bachelor’s programs.

5. Northwest Missouri State University


Northwest Missouri State University is a public university that offers every on-campus student a laptop computer to use while pursuing their education. Students can be enrolled in either a graduate or undergraduate degree, and they can reside on or off-campus. Students participating in online professional programs, on the other hand, are not eligible. Students who meet the requirements will receive an HP Probook 440 G7 with a solid-state hard drive preinstalled with Windows 10 and Office 365. To be eligible for this laptop program, graduate and undergraduate students must enrol in at least nine or twelve credits, respectively. Northwest also supplies all participants on campus with complete technical support.

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Economics, Communications, and Psychology are all popular majors.

6. St. John’s University 


St. John’s University is a notable private Catholic university in Queens, New York. You have a choice of three laptops at St. John’s. Students who have at least a Bachelor’s Degree can keep their laptops. There are 26 online programs available at this college.

Psychology, Physician Assistant, and Biology are all popular majors. Undergraduate students pay a laptop usage charge each semester in exchange for a laptop through St. John’s University’s Academic Computing Initiative. The study abroad programs and enthusiastic lecturers are praised by students.

7. Indiana State University


The recipients of ISU’s Sycamore Technology Award receive a new laptop. All incoming first-year students who apply and submit their FAFSA by the deadline will be automatically considered. Individuals must be studying full-time to be considered. Students considered for the Sycamore Technology Award are usually approved by Pell Grant. This scholarship is given to students who enrol in the spring or autumn semesters at ISU. Students not eligible include foreign students, returning students, and distance learners.

Frequently Asked Questions on Online Colleges That Supply Laptops.

Q: Is it all online colleges that supply free laptops?

A: No, not all online institutions provide free laptops; however, some do. In most situations, new students who join in free laptop programs are offered a free laptop.

Q: Do schools give new laptops?

A: In the vast majority of cases, absolutely. However, some online institutions that provide free laptops offer remodelled laptops at a cheaper cost, while others offer old laptops at a great discount.

Q: Can I choose the laptop I get?

A: When online universities provide cheap computers to their students, they normally let them choose the laptop they want (but not from too many options). But in the case of free laptops, students usually don’t have a choice.


Conclusively, we hope we have assisted you in your search for online colleges that supply laptops. You should choose the right college that meets your academic needs.

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