LECOM Medical School Acceptance Rate 2023

Getting into medical school can be a challenging process. You have to battle with thousands of other applicants from the United States and other parts of the world depending on the medical school you want. As an aspiring med student, you must have heard about LECOM Medical School in Erie, Pennsylvania, and wondering what your … Read more

Is LECOM a Good Medical School? | Pros and Cons of LECOM

Choosing a medical school in the United States can be a frustrating task. There are over 170 medical schools in the United States all offering unique medical programs that are suited to equip graduates to work in the medical field. At Student Consort, we are committed to helping you make an informed decision when you … Read more

LECOM Acceptance Rate After Interview 2023

LECOM is the largest medical school in the United States and certainly one of the top choices for students looking to pursue a career in Osteopathic Medicine. There are a handful of reasons to choose LECOM for medical studies but before you decide on applying to LECOM, understanding the school’s acceptance rate is quintessential to … Read more