Does Rutgers Allow Freshmen to Have Cars?


For many college students, owning a car is a rite of passage and a symbol of newfound independence. However, for freshmen, navigating the rules and regulations around car ownership on campus can be confusing and overwhelming. If you’re a freshman at Rutgers University, you may be wondering: does Rutgers allow freshmen to have cars?

Does Rutgers Allow Freshmen to Have Cars

This is a common question among incoming students, and for good reason. Having a car on campus can make it easier to get around, but it’s important to understand the rules and regulations surrounding car ownership at Rutgers before you make any decisions. In this post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about owning a car as a freshman at Rutgers, from the rules and regulations to the cost of parking and more. Whether you’re considering bringing a car to campus or simply curious about the rules, this post will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about car ownership at Rutgers.

Does Rutgers Allow Freshmen to Have Cars?

Yes. Rutgers allows freshmen to have cars. You can own a car at Rutgers University even if you are a freshman. However, there are certain rules and regulations you’ll need to follow to make use of a car at Rutgers if you are a freshman. 

As a freshman at Rutgers, it is crucial to understand that the use of cars on campus comes at a cost. Students are required to pay a fee to park their vehicles on campus grounds. Therefore, it is essential to consider the expenses associated with bringing a car to campus.

How to Use Your Car as a Freshman at Rutgers?

There are steps to take if you want to use your car at Rutgers. This does not apply to freshmen alone but every one that is a student of Rutgers who owns a car:

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1. Register your vehicle

Rutgers Register a Vehicle

You will need to register a vehicle before you can use it on campus at Rutgers University. The school recently began issuing ePermits for students and staff, eliminating paper tags. To register your vehicle either as a commuter or a resident, please visit and sign in using your Rutgers SSO account.

2. Find and Buy a Parking Permit

After registering your vehicle, you’d need to buy a parking permit. There are five (5) types of parking permits available at Rutger University. They include:

  1. Commuter permits
  2. Resident permits
  3. Family housing parking permits
  4. Daily/hourly parking permits
  5. RBHS student permission parking permits

Each of these permits has its restrictions and uses. It is important to understand which permit is best for you and what it entails so you do not default. Before you buy a permit, visit the Rutgers IPO page for student permits to learn about each of the five parking permits at Rutgers University and what they offer.

3. Request Additional Parking

Usually, registering your vehicle and buying a parking permit is all that is required to use a car on campus as a freshman or a student at Rutgers. However, there’s every possibility you’d want more packing privileges than the parking permits offer. Rather than park anywhere just because you have a permit, it is recommended that you request additional parking privileges.

The additional parking permit is given based on request but is subject to review and consideration. You’d need to complete the Additional Parking Request form, explaining why, where, and when you need additional parking.

Note: Reasons such as back-to-back classes, employment, and night commuter parking permissions are not considered valid for additional parking.

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How Much is Rutgers Student Parking?

The Rutgers student parking permit is grouped into two categories in terms of pricing – Commuter student parking and resident student parking. For the commuter student parking, the cost is $159.94 per year while the resident student parking permit costs $150 per year.

Owning a car at Rutgers can be a serious financial investment. While it may save you time instead of waiting for the school’s transport services, it could take a toll on your finance.

Can You Have a Car on Campus at Rutgers?


Yes. You can have a car on campus at Rutgers. Having a car as a student at Rutgers University is not a big deal. However, you must have a parking permit to use your car on the school’s campuses. Your car must be duly registered and be parked in accordance to the parking permit you bought for it.

So, if you’re contemplating buying a car for college or taking your old man’s car to Rutgers, you can. Just make sure you’ve got their blessing, register the vehicle, and buy a suitable parking permit.

Where Can I Park my Car at Rutgers for Free?

You can park your car at Lot 48 for free. Free parking is available from 6am to 2am at the Lot. However, you can only park your car at Rutgers for free if you are a visitor. No one affiliated with the school in any way, either as a student or staff, is allowed to park their vehicle at Lot 48.

If you are a staff or student of Rutgers University, there is no free parking for you.

Before we go, there are a couple of FAQs that relate to the subject matter which I’d be answering below.

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Can I park at Rutgers without a permit?

Yes. You can park at Rutgers without a permit. However, you must not be a staff or student of the school. As a visitor, you can park without a permit at Lot 48 between 6am and 2am.

Are freshmen required to live on campus at Rutgers?

No. It is not mandatory to live on campus at Rutgers University. Although the school recommends that living on campus is best for freshmen, it is not mandatory.

Does Rutgers parking lot have cameras?

Yes. There are cameras installed at Rutgers parking lots. These cameras are installed to monitor commuters, keep cars safe, and find defaulters of parking rules and regulations.

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