Is Rutgers University a Good School?


The right school for tertiary education is relative. In my opinion, what makes a good school good is not always an overall ranking statistic or offer. This is why we take our time to analyze schools in North America, Europe, and other parts of the world so that you can have a breakdown of each school and discover which fits you.

We research for you and provide our findings so that you can be guided accordingly. In the article, Is Rutgers University a Good School, our spotlight goes to New Jersey as we look into a colonial university that is now a state-owned college.

Is Rutgers University a Good School

If you are looking to attend a school in New Jersey or just want to understand whether Rutgers University matches your needs for a college to attend, this article is the product of research and several interviews with professors, alumni, and current students at Rutgers. I am pleased to share my findings with you, whether you are a parent researching college options for your ward or a student trying to make up his or her mind about the school to go to. Without further ado, let’s get into the focus of this piece.

Is Rutgers University a Good School?

Rutgers University has a respected reputation placed at #55 among National Universities in the United States by U.S. News. The school is exceptionally great for students looking to study engineering and criminal justice as they have comprehensive programs for these courses.

Additionally, Rutgers University is top-rated for being a culturally diverse school, accommodating international students more than a significant number of universities. However, the school has several flaws from its administration to staff quality and social life which may impede your judgment of the college. 

TSome schools areconsidered elite in the United States such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, and so on. While Rutgers University may not be in that category, it can be a great option depending on the field you want to major in. I was not completely dazzled by the things I learned about Rutgers but then I know there would be some bias in my judgment, hence I decided to share my findings. You are going to see that one way or the other something about Rutgers will make you like the school.

In your search for a good school, it is quintessential to note that there is no one-size-fits-all, no general rule of thumb, and no objective opinion. A school can be good for my career but may not offer a comprehensive program for yours. This is why I shield my bias here on Student Consort so that you get the best college guide for your education.

Why I Think Rutgers University is a Good School


The following are reasons why I think Rutgers University is a good school and why you may consider attending the university. 

  1. Respected reputation 
  2. Comprehensive engineering program 
  3. Great school for criminal justice (based on university rankings)
  4. Accepts international students 

I will explain what each reason suggests and how it should inform your decision to school at Rutgers. You probably have ideas already about what each reason talks about but for the benefit of the doubt, let’s look into each of them briefly.

1. Respected Reputation

Colleges and schools are reckoned for their reputation. When I was choosing a college to go to after high school, I found about five schools that offered good programs for the course I was going to major in. Then I picked the one with the most recognized reputation in the country.

During ty study, I landed a job based on the school’s reputation. It seems undeserving but graduates from certain schools are favored over others. This is why the reputation of the school you select for your career major has a good reputation.

Rutgers University is respected in the United States. It consistently ranks among the top 50 schools in the United States and among the leading public research universities. Graduates from Rutgers are afforded preferential treatment when they go job hunting in New Jersey and surrounding areas.

If you want to attend a school that is prestigious and recognized by companies and establishments in and around New Jersey, then you should consider attending Rutgers University.

Interestingly, the school is now owned by the State of New Jersey and you would expect some level of preferential treatment by the state to graduates from its school.

2. Comprehensive Engineering Program 

Rutgers School of Engineering (S.O.E) offers a comprehensive engineering program and it has incredible rankings to show for it. According to U.S. News, Rutgers is ranked #55 for best engineering schools in the United States and #2 for best engineering universities in New Jersey. While there are better options for engineering in other parts of the country, Rutgers has one of the best engineering programs in the New Jersey/New York region. If you stay within these areas, Rutgers is a good choice.

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3. Great School for Criminal Justice 

In all of Rutgers University’s courses, criminal justice is ranked the highest in the United States according to Among the over 600 colleges that offer criminal justice in the United States, Rutgers University is ranked #21. From all indications, this is the most recognized major in the university and you are sure of getting the best education under this course when you attend Rutgers. If you have plans of majoring in criminal justice, then go to Rutgers.

4. Accepts International Students 


Rutgers University accepts international students. The school boasts of having a unique cultural diversity and this is sponsored by the fact that it allows international students on its campus. Students from Europe, Asia, other parts of North America, South America, and even Africa can apply and gain admission to the University. Although the school adopts quite a selective admission process, it still accepts applications from international students more than a good number of schools in the United States.

Reasons Why Rutgers University May Not Be a Good School

As I said, there is no one-size-fits-all in the issue of selecting a good school. While Rutgers has some exceptional qualities, tother qualities of the school caninfluence your decision and give you a change of heart. Rutgers may be a great school for engineering and criminal justice majors but the following points raise a bit of concern:

  1. Poor administration
  2. Little or no academic guidance from the staff
  3. Difficulties in obtaining financial aid for out-of-state students
  4. Overpopulation
  5. Large geographical landscape

1. Poor Administration 

The administrative structure at Rutgers University is not as good as one would expect. At Rutgers, if you have an issue either with your financial aid or course or whatever requires superior help, you will be forced to go through bureaucratic systems involving several multilayers of offices and personnel. There’s hardly a quick fix with Rutgers. One office seems to lead you to another and another – a thoroughly exhausting process.

2. Little or No Academic Guidance from the Staff 

Parents want their kids to go to schools where the staff offers the moral and academic guidance their wards need. Students likewise want to attend schools where they would not be left alone to navigate through school all by themselves (if not all, at least a significant percentage of students want that).

Rutgers is not the school to attend if you want thorough academic guidance from the staff of your school. This is because Rutgers University is a research-oriented college. A good number of the lecturers and professors in the college are obsessed with their research work and devote their time to it, leaving almost nothing for students.

If you want to apply to Rutgers University, there is no assurance you can make demands for a lecturer’s attention and get it. Even when you do, it would be more of a favor than your privilege as a student. If you want complete independence and would like to navigate your way around school by yourself, then I welcome you to Rutgers.

3. Difficulties in Obtaining Financial Aid for Out-of-State Students

When it comes to giving financial aid to students, Rutgers University offers more preference to New Jersey-based students. As an out-of-state university, your chances of securing a school-funded or state-funded loan are slim. I am not saying you do not stand a chance but Rutgers will favor students from its host community more than you that is coming from another state.

4. Overpopulation

Rutgers is quite populated. Introductory classes usually recorded hundreds of students in attendance and this for me is a red flag. I easily get distracted when there is a large number of people in a classroom. If you are like me, then Rutgers is not for you. Even though the school adopts a selective admission process, they seem to cluster too many students in a class.

5. Large Geographical Landscape 

In addition to Rutgers University’s population, the school has a large geographical landscape. To put it simply, Rutgers University covers a large land mass. So that you can get a graphic picture, students take buses to go from one class to another. I am sure I do not want to be in a school like that. I do not like or encourage clusters but then let every building in the school be accessible.

Is Rutgers a Top-Tier School?

Rutgers University is not a top-tier school. It is ranked #55 among National Universities in the United States and in my honest opinion that does not make it a top-tier school. But on the grounds of criminal justice as a major, then Rutgers can be classified as a top-tier school. But considering other rankings which the school holds as reported by U.S. News, Princeton Reviews, QS, and so on, Rutgers is in a category just below top-tier schools.

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Rutgers University Acceptance Rate

Rutgers has an acceptance rate of 66.9%. The school has quite a selective admission process and it is fairly difficult to get into. However, you stand a good chance to be admitted into Rutgers if you have a high SAT/ACT score. You will need an SAT score between 1180 to 1410 and an ACT score of 25 to 32 to stand a chance of securing admission to Rutgers University.

Rutgers University Ranking

Rutgers University is often ranked between the top 20 to top 100 schools in the United States. The table below provides a breakdown of some of Rutgers University’s rankings.

U.S. News National Universities #55
U.S. News Best Colleges for Veterans #27
U.S. News Best Value Schools #194
Times Higher Education World Universities Ranking #190
QS World Universities Ranking #267
U.S. News Top Public Schools #19
U.S. News Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs #50
U.S. News Best Nursing Programs #67 Best Colleges for Criminal Justice #21 Top Party Schools in America #24 Best Colleges for Sports Management in America #32 Best Colleges for Agricultural Sciences #36
Bloomberg Businessweek Best Business Colleges in New Jersey #1

For a concise breakdown of Rutgers University’s ranking, go to

Is Rutgers a Good Pre-Med School?


Rutgers University’s Robert Wood Johnson Medical School is a great place to pursue a degree in the sciences and has wonderful programs in cell biology, neurobiology, and genetics. It also has plenty of opportunities for undergraduate research and shadowing programs. The pre-med guidance at Rutgers is also quite good. Hence Rutgers is a good pre-med school. Additionally, the school is ranked #68 best medical schools in research. You will have everything you need to excel at pre-med but you would need to find your way.

Is Rutgers a Good School for Psychology?

Yes. Rutgers is a good school for psychology. According to, Rutgers offers the 2nd best psychology program in New Jersey, ranking behind Princeton University. CollegeFactual ranks Rutgers #26 in the best colleges for psychology in the United States. The school is quite popular for its psychology program and you can be sure of getting the best education when you study psychology at RU.

Is Rutgers a Good School for Computer Science?

Rutgers has one of the best computer science programs in the country and it has its rankings to prove it. The computer science program at Rutgers University offers a solid foundation in software, systems, and theory while also providing electives in artificial intelligence, internet technologies, databases, graphics, and more. Students get the chance to participate in cutting-edge research while also learning about newly designed collaborative computer labs and maker spaces. Undergraduates also have the opportunity to become involved with the school’s many university-affiliated clubs.

The Rutgers computer science ranking also proves how good the program is. Rutgers computer science program is ranked #69 out of 1,185 schools by College Factual and maintains second place for best computer science programs in New Jersey. I will gladly recommend attending RU if you want to become a computer scientist.

Is Rutgers a Good School for Business?

Rutgers is a good school for business and it is ranked in the top 40 business schools in the United States. It has a strong reputation for its undergraduate and graduate programs, including its MBA program. Rutgers business school is placed at #45 in Best Business Schools and #34 in Part-time MBA by U.S. News.

Is Rutgers a Good School for Engineering?

Engineering is one of the strengths of Rutgers. The college is a good school for engineering as it has a comprehensive engineering program that ranks #1 in New Jersey and New York. Rutgers School of Engineering welcomes students who are eager to be a part of a diverse, dynamic community that shares a passion for visionary thinking and creative problem-solving. The school also offers instruction from prominent faculty in a state-of-the-art learning environment where you can apply your knowledge to make the world a better place.

Is Rutgers a Good School for Finance?

Finance is another stronghold for Rutgers University. According to College Factual, RU is ranked #47 out of 732 schools in the United States and #2 in New Jersey. Sadly, despite this high-ranking status, graduates of finance are not given due consideration in the corporate world. I am not sure why but I have discovered that a lot of corporate and financial bodies do not see RU finance graduates as being exceptional regardless of how good they are.

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Is Rutgers a Good School for Political Science?

It depends on whether you want to study in New Jersey. If you would like to study political science only in a school that is located in New Jersey, then Rutgers University is a great option. However, because the school is ranked #138 for best colleges for political science, I will advise that you consider other options. RU has a good program for political science only in New Jersey but when compared on a national level, the school is not even in the top 100 schools.

Is Rutgers a Party School?

Parties are synonymous with college life but Rutgers takes it to another level. Rutgers is a party school. Out of 1,525 colleges and universities in the United States, Rutgers is ranked #24 on the list of best party schools in the United States. If you can maintain your focus as a student and not allow the social living to disrupt the flow of your education, then you can attend RU. Else, look for a better school as the partying at RU can be overwhelming.

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Is Rutgers Hard to Get Into?

Rutgers has an acceptance rate of 56.57% which means the school is a little bit difficult to get into. It adopts a selective process for admitting students and for you to stand a chance at gaining admission into Rutgers you need an SAT of 1180 to 1410 and an ACT score of 25 to 32.

What Major is Rutgers Known For?

Rutgers is known to provide the best education for majors in engineering, criminal justice, library and information studies, British literature, English, statistics, physics, quantitative finance, oceanography, food and science technology, and mathematics. The school also offers exceptional education for majors in business administration, pharmacology and toxicology, biotechnology and applied microbiology, and computer science.

Is Rutgers University Expensive?

No. Rutgers University is often preferred among universities because of its slightly low tuition when compared to other universities in the United States. The tuition for students is $12,900 and that is pretty considerate. There is no gainsaying that Rutgers University is affordable.

What Sport is Rutgers Known For?

Rutgers University is known for being the “Birthplace of College Football”. It hosted the first-ever intercollegiate football game on November 6, 1869. Today, Rutgers is known for baseball, basketball, gymnastics, and softball.

Does Rutgers Require Freshmen to Live on Campus?

Yes. As a freshman at Rutgers, you will be required to live on campus. Sometime in 2012, Rutgers University made it mandatory for freshmen to live in its dorms and apartments for two years. It also requires international students to live on campus for at least a year after they get admitted.

Can You Have a Car on Campus as a Freshman at Rutgers?

Yes. Rutgers allows freshmen and every student to have cars on campus. However, students must have parking permits before they would be allowed to drive cars on campus.

Final Thoughts on Is Rutgers University a Good School

Rutgers University is a good school for engineering and criminal justice. It presents several flaws in terms of its administration, little or no academic guidance from staff, overpopulation, large geographical size, and financial aid difficulty for out-of-state students.

One thing is for sure, if you are considering attending Rutgers, you should be prepared to find your way through school without guidance and you must be applying for either engineering or criminal justice, or sports management. Finally, you must be disciplined enough to be able to balance partying and your studies.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask me in the comment section below. 

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