Free Online Pentecostal Bible Colleges You Should Know in 2023


One constant thing you have to understand about being a Christian is that almost always, the skeptics and unbelievers will always approach you with questions which if you are not equipped with the basic and advanced knowledge of the Bible, you may find it difficult to answer those questions and that will be a big slap on your face.

You need to be equipped with deep knowledge about the scriptures so as not to look stupid to skeptics and also to make them understand that you are sore of what the belief you have in the gospel and Scriptures.

To get both basic and advanced knowledge about the scripture, you need to check out the list of free online Pentecostal Bible colleges, they will make the learning of the scripture fast, effective and simple.

The interesting thing about these online classes is that apart from being taught about the scriptures, you will be shown proof of the knowledge you acquire, also you will get a certificate which you can use to enroll in a full-term school or that can make you more relevant in your church.

List of the Free Online Pentecostal Bible Colleges in 2023

Here’s the list of Bible colleges that offer tuition-free and affordable programs

1. Christian leaders institute

2. Biblical training institute

3. The prophetic voice institute

4. AMES Internationalschool of ministry

5. Jim Feeney Pentecostal Bible institute 

6. NorthPoint Bible College

7. Trinity graduate school of apologetics and theology

8. Grace Christian University

9. NorthWestern seminary

Free Online Pentecostal Bible Colleges

Free Online Pentecostal Bible Colleges

Below is the list of all the free online pentecostal bible colleges;

1. Christian leaders institute

Based on multiple reviews online and random ratings, we can say that Christian leaders institute is one of the leading free online Pentecostal bible colleges right now.

This college focus on impacting confidence, courage, power, and knowledge to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. They offer important online free Bible courses which are available for anyone.

This online bible college is open to anyone irrespective of their age, nationality, or gender, they offer over 90 Bible courses and countless students have graduated from this college. The directors of this college have made sure that all the courses remain free as long as they get funds from donators to keep running the school.

You are eligible to apply to this school once you have any internet browsing device, register, and create a student account and you are good to go.

2. BiblicalTraining Institute 

BiblicalTraining institute is another top free online Bible college on the list, all the courses they offer are free but you will need to pay a certain(affordable) amount to be awarded a diploma.

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Among the important courses that this college offer is Basic Bible Diploma. This course is structured in a way that you will find it very easy to study the basic areas of the Bible. You will study this course for 8 months and a week, with a fee of $495. Once you are done with the course, you will be given a certificate of completion to indicate that you participated in the course.

3. The prophetic voice institute

This is another free online Bible college that’s worthy of attention. This institute is focused on giving its students fundamental knowledge about the scriptures as they prepare to go into the ministry.

The college is founded by Dr. Joseph Kostelnik. He tells everyone that his goal is to train over 1million students about the scriptures and the gospel of the Lord Jesus, he explained that he got that assignment from the holy spirit.

He explores all the graduates from his institute to also go out and teach others what they have learned in the course they studied in his bible school. This Bible school is connected with Dr. Joseph’s Church but admission to this Bible school is not limited to only the church members but everyone interested in going further into the ministry.

To access the courses in this Bible school, you need to register and create a student account on the college’s online platform.

4. AMES International school of ministry

This is another free Pentecostal Bible college on the list, it is one of the best and the reviews and random ratings we have seen can confirm it. Since 2003, the school has been offering top Bible courses to its students, and the only objective of the teachers in this school is to train thousands of people about the scriptures.

This school offers about 20 free Bible courses and it is free for everyone. According to recent findings, AMES International college has the largest number of students on their online platform that are taking their courses. (about 80,00)

To be able to get access to these courses, register on the online platform, and once you are admitted, you will start the classes almost immediately and you can choose any or all the courses. To be able to get transferrable credits, you will pay a fee of $20 and you can also earn a bachelor’s degree from this college.

5. Jim Feeney Pentecostal Bible institute

If you are looking for a Bible college that teaches the Bible from the view of Pentecostalism, Jim Feeney Pentecostal Bible institute is one of the best. They offer several Bible courses that anyone from anywhere in the world can have access to.

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This online Pentecostal Bible School was launched in 2004 by pastor Jim Feeney and the college is affiliated with his church, this is because most of his church teachings are part of the syllabus, it doesn’t mean that admission into this Bible school is only open to his church members alone.

6. NorthPoint Bible college

This Bible college has made it its sole purpose and objective to teach and train students who are willing to become a pastor or preacher of the gospel of the Lord Jesus. NorthPoint Bible College is one of the best online colleges offering top Bible courses for free for interested students to learn and spread the gospel of the lord.

This Bible school offers top online bible courses through Classcentral which is a very popular online learning platform. You should note that only one of their courses is available on the online platform and this course is more focused on teaching essential leadership qualities rather than the fundamental part of the scriptures.

7. Trinity graduate school of apologetics and theology 

Are you looking for a free online Bible college that awards degrees at the Doctoral and master’s levels of studies? then Trinity graduate school of apologetics and theology is the college you are looking for. All courses in this college are free and you can learn or access the course from anywhere in the world.

This college also has several ebooks that can aid your Bible learning and they are offered for free, in some cases, you can even access several online classes and ebooks without creating an account on the school’s online platform.

This college is not only for baptist or Pentecostal Christians alone, all Christians from any denomination and nationality are invited to take free courses and learn in this Bible School.

All courses at Trinity graduate school are free but you need to pay a token for registration and after then, you won’t be paying any money again.

8. Grace Christian University

Grace Christian University is one of the oldest free Bible colleges online today, it has been training students on the gospel of Jesus Christ for about 80 years now and it is fully accredited by the government.

Grace Christian University offers fundamental courses of the scriptures at the doctoral, master, and bachelor’s levels which you can have access to from anywhere in the world.

This University is the best Bible online college on the list and all their courses are essential to the advanced learning of the Gospel and they are free.

9. Northwestern Seminary

When it comes to affordable and speedy teaching of the scriptures, NorthWestern seminary is the best. In this seminary, you can get an accredited seminary degree with a very short period of learning and from anywhere in the world.

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You will have access to basic and advanced Bible courses that you can complete within 90 days on this platform, all courses are free for everyone.

What you need to know about free online Bible colleges

You might have heard sometimes before when people are saying that everything about Christianity should be free as the Lord Jesus has given us salvation for free, however, this is not the only reason why some Bible colleges are free and to be clear, not all Bible colleges are free. It is a law that all these Bible Colleges should offer their courses for free as well as their certificates.

The fact that these courses are offered for free does not make them less valuable, all courses offered by these universities and colleges are essential and advanced. All you have to do is register and follow all the learning instructions.


We believe that you have your reasons for asking for online colleges that offer Bible courses for free and this Is why we have carefully selected the very best for you, apart from taking their courses for free you will also be awarded a printable certificate after you have completed the courses.

All you need to do is to check the list again, choose a college of your choice and go to the official platform of this college and apply.


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