Is NYU Medical School Free?


Is NYU medical school free? 

Since 2018, there has been excitement around attending NYU Grossman School of Medicine. The New York University medical school announced it would be offering full-tuition scholarships to students. Because it is a rare occurrence, many wonder if NYU’s medical school is truly free. 

In this article, I will break down every detail you need to know about whether the medical school at NYU is free or not. 

Is NYU Medical School Free

Is NYU Medical School Free?

Yes. NYU medical school is free. The school offers free tuition to med students and it has been doing so since 2019. Once you get admitted into the NYU Grossman School of Medicine, you begin to enjoy the financial aid offered by the school. The scholarship is available to both in-state, out-of-state, and international students. 

The tuition-free scholarship is a laudable offer by New York University as many would-be doctors are deterred from pursuing their medical careers due to the cost of medical schools in the country. 

By offering a tuition-free scholarship, NYU is saving students $200,000+ in the cost of attendance for the four years of their program. 

How Does the NYU Free Tuition Scholarship Works?

The free tuition scholarship by NYU is the ideal replacement for what has been a patchwork system of financial aid and scholarships. According to the University, every medical student at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine would be on a full scholarship with no strings attached. 

What this means is that you do not have to apply for the full-tuition scholarship. The moment you get admitted into NYU to study medicine, you automatically start enjoying the scholarship program. 

For years, medical schools have been the right of the rich but with this initiative, prospects who shy away from medical school due to cost are presented with an opportunity to study medicine without tuition costs. 

Do I Need to Apply for the NYU Free Tuition Scholarship?

No. You do not need to apply to access the full-tuition scholarship that’s offered at the New York University Grossman School of Medicine. Every student of the school enjoys the scholarship program from their first year to their last. 

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Can I Lose My Scholarship at NYU Medical School?

Yes, you can. The scholarship and financial aid by NYU Grossman School of Medicine can be lost if a student does not fulfill the satisfactory academic progress requirement of the school. The Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is checked once a year and it determines whether a student is eligible for financial aid or not. 

From the information I gathered from the school’s SAP guide, a student remains eligible for the full-tuition scholarship if they:

  1. earn credits in 75% of the modules they attempt, 
  2. do not repeat coursework, and
  3. stop attending module or clinical rotations before the set completion time. 

A student who is denied financial aid based on the stipulations on the SAP guide can appeal by sending a letter to the Office of Financial Aid, explaining the reason they couldn’t make the SAP and what they’ve done to ensure they make the SAP moving forward. 

The school will then set up a committee to investigate the matter and provide a response within 10 days. 

Is NYU Free for International Students?

Are you an international student looking to study at NYU Grossman School of Medicine? Well, the free tuition scholarship by the school applies to international students. NYU is free for international students and the school accepts applicants from 100+ countries. 

If you are an international student looking to study medicine at NYU, you are welcome provided you meet the NYU medical school requirements which I would discuss in a short while. You also do not have to worry about tuition as you are eligible for the NYU free tuition scholarship. 

NYU Medical School Requirements

If you are considering applying to NYU Grossman School of Medicine, the following are important requirements you must meet:

  1. You must be a citizen of the United States, be a permanent resident (for international students), or have Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status
  2. You must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada. The degree must be related to medicine 
  3. You must have passed the MCAT with a score that’s above 500 as the recent average was 522.
  4. You must have a GPA that’s above 3.9 as the median and average GPA of the last admission window were 3.96 and 3.92 respectively 
  5. You must have completed premedical coursework in subjects such as inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry with lab, general biology with lab, general physics with lab, statistics, genetics, and English
    • Additionally, the school recognizes premedical coursework completed at schools of dentistry, nursing, veterinary medicine, or pharmacy
  6. You must submit a premedical committee appraisal letter (which is often preferred) or two letters from professors who taught you previously. 
  7. You must meet the technical standards of NYU Grossman School of Medicine and conduct a criminal background check
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For more information on NYU Medical School Requirements, please visit

How Hard is it to get into NYU Medical School?

Since the launch of the full-tuition scholarship at NYU, the goal has had a 102% increase in the number of applicants. Currently, the school’s acceptance rate is 2% which is selected from a pool of 9000+ applicants every year. The required GPA for the school is 3.9+ and MCAT has to be above 522 for safety.

It is quite an uphill task to get admitted to NYU medical school. This is natural. With the school offering free tuition, everyone would want to get in, making the admission process fierce and competitive. 


Is NYU Medical School tuition still free?

Yes. NYU Grossman School of Medicine still offers free, full-tuition scholarships. The scholarship covers what is the cost of attendance at the school as it seeks to provide more prospective doctors the opportunity to study medicine without restrictions and debt concerns. 

How long will NYU med school be free?

There is no future end to the free scholarship offered by the school. It took a decade of preparation and planning for the school to start offering this rare kind of financial aid and they are confident in shouldering this responsibility for as long as it takes. 

How do I get a full scholarship to NYU medical school?

There is no application process for the full scholarship at NYU medical school. Once you become a student, you are entitled to the full scholarship – no applications, no registrations. However, you continue to enjoy this privilege if you meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy of the school. 

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Before You Go…

NYU Grossman School of Medicine is one of the prestigious medical schools in the country. The school is even more popular because of its free tuition scholarships to every medical student. If you are considering applying to the school, I have linked to a couple of important resources to help you understand what the school is about. 

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