Is NYU a Good School? Pros and Cons of NYU


In your search for an excellent school in the United States or New York, you are going to come across New York University (NYU). It is among the top-tier schools in the country and this article presents a review of the school answering the question – is NYU a good school?

NYU is considered an excellent undergraduate school though not at the very top of the list. Its location, academic quality, professional program, variety, and reputation place this school at a high level of recognition. Business, law, medicine, and more are some areas in which the university has excelled. The various programs are planned in a way that shapes the character and skills of students as different challenging assignments are given to help students gain full insight into their studies. The institute is quite competitive and also expensive.

Students looking to get admitted into this university must take hard work as a lifestyle while in school as the institution is prepared to give challenging well-rounded education intending to raise individuals that are competent and will contribute tremendously to the world at large.

As we proceed, I’ll be showing you some courses this great institute majors in. I’ll be reviewing the school and giving you all the needed information and requirements for admission to New York University.

Is NYU a Good School

Is NYU a good school?

NYU is a good school providing quality education to students. It is ranked #28 among National Universities, #42 in best colleges for Veterans, and #77 in best value schools by U.S News and World Report. Though the institution is not at the very top of the list, it has been recognized for its tremendous effort to raise outstanding students scattered all over the world who are doing great in their various fields of endeavor. This is true looking at the wide network of successful alumni from this prestigious institution.

The university is known for providing excellent undergraduate programs. Students seeking admission into this school are assured of a good and quality education, challenging curriculum, and a suitable learning environment.

About New York University

The New York University was founded in 1831 with the initial name University of the City of New York from 1831 to 1896. The school was founded by a group of New Yorkers led by then Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin as a private research university. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 27,444 as of the fall of 2020 and its tuition and fees amount to $56,500.

This institute is regarded as a city school as it is located at an urban site. It has an active Greek life with over 30 fraternity and sorority chapters. The institution also has over 300 student organizations you can participate in. This is one school students who love socializing would want to get admitted into.

Its motto is to preserve and excel and it has continued to uphold that motto for decades judging by the number of successful alumni it has produced. NYU offers several professional programs that prospective students can take up which include: medicine, pre-med, law, business, acting, and a host of other programs. They offer undergraduate and graduate programs in various courses. Further, in this article, I’ll be showing you some courses you can apply for in this prestigious institution.

NYU Acceptance Rate

New York University has an acceptance rate of 21% making it a competitive school. If you’re going to get the chance of being admitted into this school, then you must up your game to meet all the requirements needed by the school to gain admission.

With an acceptance rate of 21%, students looking to get admitted must be up and doing and meet the basic and other requirements for admission into the school. These requirements will include your GPA score, SAT/ACT test score, and others. The next section deals with the requirements needed for admission to New York University.

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NYU Admission Requirement

Owing to how selective New York University is, having a good GPA, and SAT/ACT test score will provide you with a better chance of standing for admission.

For your GPA score, you’ll need an average score of 3.69 in your high school. This places you above average and ups your chances of admission into the school. You will also need at the barest minimum a mix of A’s and B’s with your A’s more dominant than B’s. However, if you get a lower GPA, classes like AP or IB which are harder classes can prove you can handle what the university throws at you.

If you have a lower GPA a good SAT or ACT test score can compensate for that. With an average SAT score of 1440 or a 1600 SAT scale where the 25th percentile SAT score is 1370 and the 75th percentile SAT score is 1510. The former places you below average while the latter places you above average. Also, you can take the ACT test where the expected average ACT score is 32 where the 25th percentile is 30 and the 75th percentile is 34.

You will also be required to take an SAT essay/ACT writing test to further help in the student’s assessment. You will also need to present a letter of recommendation, an application fee of $80, fill out an application form, and conduct an assessment of coursework. Also, do well to meet up with deadlines.

Is NYU a good school for medicine?

NYU medical school is known for providing exceptional medical training. Graduates of the school are well recognized for their distinct skills and effort in the medical field as the school makes sure that medical students are well equipped to fit in and thrive in the medical line before graduation. Though not rated the number one medical school in the U.S. yet graduates of the school have a notable reputation. Its curriculum is changeling, and structured to bring out the best in you, they make you find answers in an almost impossible time frame just to keep you on your feet and your mind active.

The NYU medical school is ranked number 2 in best medical schools: research and number 48 in best medical schools: primary care. This ranking has shown its excellence in providing appropriate medical guidance and a learning environment to students.

Is NYU a good school for pre-med?

Pre-med program is one of the top programs at NYU. Though difficult, you can get good grades if you study hard. For every course, students must be willing to give their best to get an A and a few mixes of B’s if they can’t make straight A’s. This course provides you with the opportunity to venture into several specifications and with the help of good and reliable professors, students can get the best out of this program.

Is NYU a good school for business?

New York University is ranked #12 best business school and #4 in MBA. The professors are great with good networking events and opportunities to meet well-established business leaders. The school provides an excellent curriculum that provides insight into the business world and allows students to explore the reality of the business world. As reiterated, students get to enjoy quality education in the hands of very good professors notable for their expertise in business programs.

Is NYU a good school for law?

Choosing a law school might depend on various factors. However, one area you would want to consider aside from the quality of education is its alumni and its success rate. NYU has a host of successful law students. NYU law school offers top-notch law education to students and this is reflected in its alumni who work at big law firms in the state. Yes, getting into the NYU law school can be difficult but if quality education backed up by good employment opportunities in a law firm is what you seek, studying at NYU is a great option.

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Is NYU a good school for psychology?

Yes, NYU is a good school for psychology. The school stands at number 36 of the best schools in psychology putting it at number 5 in New York. The institution has an excellent foundation in psychological education. They prepare graduates for practical experience in the field of study. Tutors are readily available to give their best to prepare students for the world outside of school.

Is NYU a good school for computer science?

The computer science program at NYU has a good ranking in the state.  The school generally has a top ranking in New York and this is tied to its continuous provision of quality education to students in and around New York, not excluding computer science programs. The department is one that is rigorous and impactful. Students who want to be lazy might not be able to cope with the challenges this course throws at them, therefore, students must be diligent and hardworking if they must get all there is to get from this program.

Is NYU a good school for acting?

New York University is a great place to get trained as an actor/actress. The acting program at the school is great and arduous. Students must be willing to put in the energy required to meet up with the challenging exercises at the school. The school handed out bachelor’s degrees in drama and theater arts to 427 students in the 2019-2020 academic year putting them at a top level in providing adequate training in drama and theater arts.

Adequate facilities are available to cover all basic and necessary training students of this program will require. Also, qualified hands are available to give the needed tutelage as students grow and mature from one stage of acting to another. The university is ranked #1 in popularity by college factual out of all other colleges and universities that offer this degree

Is NYU a good school for architecture?

The architecture program at NYU is ranked 7th out of 160 colleges. This ranking is based on the overall quality of the architectural program. NYU has committed itself to provide the needed architectural training to students carrying on this program. The architecture school is competent enough to provide the desirable education needed by the students. The school has graduated about 50 students in architecture and related services.

Is NYU Test Optional?

Yes. When applying to NYU, students can choose to submit testing as part of their admission process. Students who plan to submit testing are also allowed to select which standardized tests they wish to submit and whether they will send scores from more than one test date.


We have answered a couple of questions that are related to NYU. This is to provide perspective on the subject matter and help you make a decision about the school.

Is NYU a top-tier school?

Rated based on its performance across a widely accepted set of indicators of excellence by the U.S. News and World Report, NYU stands at no. 28 among national universities.  Though not an Ivy school, it has over the years presented itself as a top-tier school as it has conducted itself with excellence and provided quality academic education to students. It is no surprise that graduates of the school get notable recognition.

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Is NYU free for international students?

No. NYU is not free for international students. International students at NYU must pay $90 for each semester or term they register for the class. There is no indication from the school that international students can attend the school for free except with a scholarship.

Is NYU d1?

NYU is not a member of the NCAA Division 1 also known as D1. The school is a member of the NCAA Division III and not Division 1. NCAA Division 1 offers the highest level of competition, and it also has the biggest budget. Meanwhile, NCAA Division III schools tend to have smaller athletic departments with less funding overall.

Is NYU Ivy League?

NYU is not Ivy League, but it has all the same qualities as an Ivy League institution. NYU’s programs are as comprehensive as Ivy Leagues’ and the same trend is followed in terms of its acceptance rate, admission requirements, administrative structure, curriculum, and much more.

Is it worth going to NYU?

Yes, it is worth going to NYU. For those seeking to get quality education and get gainful exposure to city life, NYU is the right place to be in. The school is located in an urban area and offers quality education in various programs to students. Studying at this school puts you at an advantage as students of the school are known to perform marvelously well in their various fields of endeavor.

Is it hard to get into NYU?

Yes, it can be hard to get into NYU as the school is quite selective and competitive as they seek to admit only worthy candidates who can be trained to influence their society positively. With an acceptance rate of 21% -which means out of every 100 applicants only 21 get admitted- this will inform you that the school is no joke.

What kind of student does NYU look for?

The kind of students NYU looks for are students who are ambitious, self-driven, and have a dream to become the best. These qualities make them outstanding and motivate them to put in their best in all they do both academically. These kinds of students take education seriously and do not get easily distracted by others or activities around them making them a good catch for the school as the school seeks to raise capable and diligent individuals who will be successful in their various endeavors to the credit of the school.

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NYU is a good school and that depends on what you are going there to study. We do our diligence to review as many schools as we can to ensure you have every piece of information at your disposal to make an informed decision. Visit our School Guide category to see other schools we have reviewed.

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