Is University of Georgia a Good School


Is University of Georgia a Good School

The University of Georgia is considered the birthplace of public education. This school has a prestigious location and if you’re contemplating applying to study at UGA, then this article will guide you to an informed decision. As I always tell readers at Student Consort, a school may be a good option for your course of study but after weighing other factors, you might have a change of heart. I had to change from choosing a particular university just because they seem to focus more on research than students’ academics.

In this article, I have provided a breakdown of the pros and cons of the University of Georgia (UGA) uncovering some of the easily overlooked aspects of the school which may either boost your desire to apply to UGA or make you consider other options. Without further ado, let’s get down to it.

Is University of Georgia a Good School?

The University of Georgia is a top-ranked school in the United States. It is currently ranked 49 in the 2022/23 rankings of best colleges in the United States by U.S. News. Reckoned as the birthplace of public education, UGA has a successful graduate rate, experienced faculty members, a conducive learning environment, and superb sporting culture. 

For clarity, I have broken down everything I’ve learned from my research on UGA. There are two sections for the pros and cons of UGA so you can see all there is to know about the school.

Pros of UGA

The following are some of the pros of UGA:

Modern Infrastructure 

There is a plethora of modern infrastructure at the University of Georgia. It is important to note that when you are applying to a school, the quality of the infrastructure will significantly impact the quality of education. Many schools, especially old schools, do not have modern infrastructure and this makes the quality of education in these schools poor.

Most of these schools are prestigious but because of the lack of modern infrastructure, they are often backdated in the quality of education dispensed. UGA is not like most schools. Founded in 1785, UGA has upgraded its infrastructure consistently over the years to meet the new standards of education. You’re in good hands if you attend this school.

Ambient Learning Environment 


The learning environment that you get at UGA is almost unrivaled in all of Georgia. Since it was founded years ago, you’d typically find old buildings and designs but these all make up the ambient nature of the environment. Studying in a cool environment facilitates assimilation and learning and UGA offers that to its students.

Enjoys Research Funding and Support 

The University of Georgia gets funding from top organizations such as NIH, DoD, GPC, NASA, CDC, and much more. One good thing about a research university that gets such support is that students are able to explore other aspects of their field that may not be necessarily covered by their academic curriculum.

Successful Graduate Rate

Graduate success rate at UGA
A quora screenshot of an alumnus from UGA

Many of the alumni from the University of Georgia have shared how successful they’ve become, attributing it to the school. The successful graduate rate makes UGA a good school to go to. In my opinion, the quality of education offered at the school and the school’s reputation contributes to the employment success and career success graduates of UGA enjoy.

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Experienced Faculties

Nothing beats schooling at a college where the professors and lecturers are experienced and knowledgeable in the field of study they teach. The University of Georgia employs the best of the best to teach its students. Most of the lecturers at the school hold positions in professional bodies around the country.

Affordable Alternative to Ivy League Schools

Ivy League schools can have very selective admission rates and expensive tuition. If you want a perfect alternative to Ivy League schools in Georgia, then UGA is the place to go. The school checks almost every box on the benefits of attending an Ivy League school. If you want an affordable alternative that still delivers quality education, prestige, and reputation, try UGA.

International Students Friendly 

If you are considering schooling in the United States, the University of Georgia is one of the few schools that has a high acceptance of international students. The school is moderately selective about accepting international students and you can find a lot of international students at UGA than at many other schools in Georgia.

Superb Sports Culture


Sports is one of the pillars of UGA as a college. The school has solid teams that engage in baseball, basketball, golf, and gymnastics. They play in Division 1 of their respective leagues and they have a lot of trophies to their names. If you are a sports person, you’d not struggle to find somewhere to fit in at UGA.

Now that we have an idea of what the pros of UGA are, it is quintessential to spell out some of the cons to be wary of. UGA might sound cool but some of the cons may be disturbing for you as an applicant. Let’s see what they are.

Cons of UGA

UGA has a couple of cons and they include:

Very Large Campus Environment

UGA has a large campus. Getting from one part of the school to the other can be a challenge. If you are not mobile, you can have a hard time navigating through the campus. This may not be a problem but it is something to consider if you do not have a car, bike, or bicycle.

Lots of Distractions


At UGA, I found more distractions than there are in 70% of colleges and universities in the United States. There are several clubs, organizations, sports, and much more. The college town vibe in the university is upbeat, fun, and exciting. You can get carried away with all the activities on campus and if you’re not disciplined and focused, your academics could suffer.

Selective Acceptance 

The University of Georgia is a little bit selective. They have an acceptance rate of around 40 – 50% and most of the applicants that get admitted to the school have an SAT score between 1270 and 1450 or an ACT score of 29 and 33. Overall, you’d have to meet an array of requirements to stand a chance at getting admitted into UGA.

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What is UGA known for Academically?

The University of Georgia is known for its research prowess, allowing students to explore other aspects of their field and other fields that may not be covered in their academic curriculum. Academically, UGA is known for having a good college of education and law school. It has top-rated agricultural and sea-based programs.

If you are looking to study any science major from bio-medical engineering to computer science and much more, UGA has solid programs in all science courses. For more information about the programs offered at the University of Georgia, please visit

University of Georgia Tuition for 2022/2023

The University of Georgia tuition is broken down into two parts: residents and non-residents. If you are a resident, that is, you stay in Athens, Georgia, the tuition would be cheaper than someone who stays out of state.

In the table below, you’d find a breakdown of the University of Georgia tuition fee for the 2022/2023 academic season:

University of Georgia Tuition

Student Status Tuition & Fees Residence Hall Meal Plan Living Expense, Supplies, Books, etc. Total
Residents $12,080 $6,416 $4,036 $5,426 $27,946
Non Residents $31,120 $6,416 $4,036 $5,800 $47,360

University of Georgia Ranking 2023

Although rankings are ignored by many when it comes to choosing the right school, I feel they provide added perspective to whether a school is good or not. The table below shows the University of Georgia ranking for 2023:

University of Georgia Rankings

Rank Category Source
#49 National Universities U.S. News
#24 Best Colleges for Veterans U.S. News
#148 Best Value Schools U.S. News
#30 Most Innovative Schools U.S. News
#1 Best Colleges for Insurance U.S. News
#12 Best Colleges for Management Information System U.S. News
#5 Best Colleges for Real Estate U.S. News
#2 Colleges with Best Student Life in the United States Niche
#3 Best Colleges for Agricultural Science in the United States Niche
#5 Best Greek Life Colleges in the United States Niche
#7 Top Party Schools in the United States Niche
#8 Best Coleges for Sports Management in the United States Niche
#1 Best Colleges for Food in Georgia Niche
#1 Best College Campuses in Georgia Niche
#1 Best Colleges for Student Athletes in Georgia Niche
#1 Best Colleges for Business in Georgia Niche
#32 Colleges with the Best Professors in the United States Niche


Is the University of Georgia Test Optional in 2023?

The University of Georgia does not require SAT and ACT scores to determine admission eligibility. SAT and ACT are optional as UGA has waived the use of these test scores in its admission requirements for first-year admissions.

How hard is it to get into UGA?

The University of Georgia has a selective admission rate of 40 – 50%. It may be hard to get into UGA if you do not significantly outclass the standard. You need to be among the best applicants to have a fair shot at getting admitted.

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Is UGA an Elite School?

UGA is an elite school. The school was founded in 1785 and is reckoned to have the same quality of education as Ivy League schools. UGA is always ranked among the top 20 schools in the United States. They have affordable tuition yet top-quality education. It also has an international reputation as it is a choice destination for international students.

Is the University of Georgia a top-tier school?

Yes. The University of Georgia is among the top-tier schools in the United States. The school ranks consistently among the top 20 and top 30 schools in the country. If you are looking to attend a top-tier school, the University of Georgia is an affordable option.

Why should I go to UGA?

You should attend the University of Georgia because of the following reasons:

  1. Modern infrastructures
  2. Ambient teaching environment
  3. International student community
  4. Sports culture especially for baseball, golf, and basketball
  5. Affordable tuition

Do you have to be smart to get into UGA?

Yes. UGA has a rigorous academic process and admission requirements. If you are applying to UGA, you must have shown excellence during high school and when you are in the school, you’d need to work hard to maintain a good GPA. Hence, you need to be smart or ready to put in the hard work at school at UGA.

What is the vibe at UGA?

The atmosphere at UGA is upbeat, lively, and exciting. At the University of Georgia, there is so much fun and activities to engage in. It could be a distracting atmosphere requiring a lot of discipline to ensure you focus on your academics.


The University of Georgia is one of the elite, top-tier schools in the United States. It is reckoned for its sports culture, research, and certain majors in the science niche. I am confident you’ve found reasons to have a change of heart about UGA or apply to the school during the next academic year.

If you want to check other options, check out the posts under our School Guide category.

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