UF College of Pharmacy Acceptance Rate 2023


One of the respected pharmacy schools in the United States is the University of Florida. The school is considered competitive and selective and if you are considering going to this school, then you would want to know what the UF College of Pharmacy acceptance rate is. This article covers the important details of the school as regards their acceptance rate, admission process, and other important details.

UF College of Pharmacy Acceptance Rate

UF College of Pharmacy Acceptance Rate

The UF College of Pharmacy acceptance rate is approximately 37%. Every year, the University of Florida Pharmacy School gets about 650 applications but only accepts 240 students. According to the school’s admission center, 70 students are accepted to Orlando, 130 to Gainesville, and 40 to Jacksonville.

If you want to study Pharmacy at the University of Florida, you may be discouraged by the acceptance rate but you can be among the 240 that make it to UF’s College of Pharmacy every year. But before we go into that, let’s discuss whether the University of Florida Pharmacy school is worth going to at all.

Is UF Pharmacy a good School?

Yes, UF Pharmacy is a good school. The school has produced graduates who have dominated the pharmacy residency sphere in the United States in the last decade. According to U.S. News, the University of Florida has the 5th best pharmacy school in the country and they occupy the top spot in the state of Florida. 

The University of Florida is one of the most innovative schools with an excellent curriculum that features team-based learning, offering lots of interprofessional opportunities. It has a good reputation for graduating a good number of students many of which are excellent pharmacists.

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Pharmaceutical students enjoy an interactive environment with both professors and peers as the pharmacy school is also part of UF Health which allows pharmaceutical students to learn patient care, health care, and more from students of other related health disciplines.

Additionally, its campus’s proximity to hospitals and medical facilities provides students with practical experiences. With its well-crafted curriculum that focuses on patient care, UF pharmacy graduates are among the top candidates sought for a pharmacy residency program

University of Florida Pharmacy School Admission Requirements

Chances of getting into the University of Florida Pharmacy School may be slim but if you meet the requirements, you would be enhancing your chances of making it into the school. This is why I have decided to discuss the University of Florida Pharmacy School admission requirements. Based on the school’s website, the following are the admission requirements for UF Pharmacy School:

  • Science Grade point average: a minimum science GPA of 2.5 calculated from all your science courses is required. This means after calculating all science courses taken, you should earn a minimum science GPA of 2.5 to be considered for admission into the pharmacy school. Where you do not have a good GPA, your PCAT can help as a backup. However, PCAT is not a requirement for admission.
  • Degree requirements: another vital requirement is the completion of an Associate of Arts or Science (A.A./A.S.) degree which also includes the required pre-professional coursework or the completion of the required pre-professional coursework along with the state-required general education credits (36 credit hours).
  • Letter of recommendation: two letters of recommendation are required. These letters will be obtained separately, preferably from a pharmacist and a science professor.
  • PharmCAS essay and supplementary questions: this is required to test motivation, and communicate goals, circumstances, and experiences that are related to this career path.
  • Extracurricular activities: this checks for your involvement in community service, organizations, and work experience including volunteering services. Pharmaceutical experience and leadership are also of value when accessing your extracurricular activities.
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UF Pharmacy School Average GPA

Your GPA is a significant determinant of your chances of getting into the UF Pharmacy School. The average GPA that qualifies a student to apply at the school is 2.5. According to the school’s admission center, the last three entering classes have had GPAs between 2.5 and 3.6. You stand a better chance of getting admitted into the UF Pharmacy School by being on the latter end of the spectrum.

UF Pharmacy School Admission Deadline

UF college pharmacy school application starts mid-July with a deadline of early March of the preceding year. For the priority deadline applicant program, students who applied before 1st October 2022 and have their application verified by November 1st will receive their 1st campus choice and preferential consideration for the scholarship.


How long is the PharmD program at UF?

Two calendar years is what it takes to complete this coursework. This period will also be closely monitored by the college through the critical-tracking program.

What percentage of applicants get into UF Pharmacy School?

Approximately 37% of applicants to the UF Pharmacy School get accepted. The school receives between 550 to 650 applicants every admission year and they only accept 240 applicants.

Is pharmacy school easier than dental school?

Currently, it is easier to go through pharmacy schools than dental schools. The latter has become a lot more competitive than pharmacy schools.


UF College Pharmacy School has notable recognition for being an innovative school. Graduates of the said school are also recognized for their excellent pharmaceutical practices. This is one of the many reasons you’d love to study at the school. With an acceptance rate of 37%, you can fancy your chances of getting into the school.

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