UCSD Pharmacy School Acceptance Rate, Admission Requirements, and Rankings


If you plan on pursuing a career in pharmacy and have your radar pointing towards the University of California, San Diego, you have chosen a great option. The school is consistently ranked among the top pharmacy schools in the United States. When students or guardians begin to worry about what school to attend, the first question that pops up is how hard is it to get into the school. And if you have your sights on the Univerisity of California, San Diego, this article on the UCSD Pharmacy School Acceptance Rate will provide you with everything you need to know.

UCSD Pharmacy School Acceptance Rate

UCSD Pharmacy School Acceptance Rate 

The UCSD pharmacy school acceptance rate is approximately 12%. Every year, the University of California, San Diego receives 600 applications to its pharmacy school and only accepts 70 of these applicants. The 70 applicants accepted is a standard set by the institution as they want to have small class sizes for their entry classes. 

An acceptance rate of 12% may make you think that your chances of getting into the UCSD pharmacy school are slim. Well, that may be true but if you really want to school in California and at UCSD, you can improve your chances of being among the 12% that get admitted into the school. I will show what is required to get admitted into UCSD and how you can better your chances of making it into the school.


UCSD Pharmacy School Admission Requirements 

In my review of the UCSD Pharmacy school admission requirements, I found that it is one of the most demanding pharmacy schools in the United States. The list of admission requirements is long and you’d have to meet all of them if you want to get admitted:

  1. You must be a US citizen, have a Green Card, or be a DACA-approved citizen with an AB540 certificate. To learn more about the AB540 certificate, please visit http://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/paying-for-uc/tuition-and-cost/ab540/index.html.
  2. Have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 along with an overall science GPA of 2.8
  3. Have a solid foundation and understanding of sciences
  4. Completed the prerequisite coursework before applying for pharmacy at any accredited university in the United States. See HERE for details of the prerequisite coursework ahead of the 2023/2024 admission year.
  5. Submit a minimum of three letters of recommendation duly written and signed by any professor, supervisor, pharmacist, healthcare professional, mentor, or academic advisor. The letters must be submitted before the deadline for each admission cycle.
  6. Meet the institution’s course equivalencies for colleges and universities in the United States.
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For other details on the UCSD pharmacy school admission requirements such as health requirements, computer literacy requirements, registration fees, and much more, please visit https://pharmacy.ucsd.edu/admissions/admissions-requirements.

UCSD Pharmacy School Rankings

School rankings are rarely used as a metric for determining whether one should go to a college or university. However, they cannot be overlooked. In the table below, you will find the UCSD rankings for its pharmacy school both in the United States and across the globe.

Category Source Rank
Best Pharmacy Schools U.S. News #2
Best University for Pharmacy & Pharmacology QS World Ranking #10
Best Pharmacy Schools Pharmacy Technician Guide #1
Best Schools for a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy College Factual #65
Best Schools for a Master’s Degree in Pharmacy College Factual #21

UCSD Pharmacy School Cost 

The UCSD pharmacy school cost is broken down into a range of fees including a registration fee, student services fee, tuition, SSPSS Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition, and the general UC San Diego fees. Below, you will find a breakdown of all the fees at UCSD if you would like to study pharmacy at the school.

Fee Cost/Per Annum
Student Services Fee $1,152
Tuition $11,700
SSPPS Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition $29,487
Graduate Student Association Fee $58.62
University Center Fee $331.65
RIMAC Recreation Facility Fee $285
Canyonview Recreation Facility Fee $66
Mandatory Health Insurance $4,005
CAPS/Student Mental Health Fee $107.13
Student Transportation Fee $202.59
Document Fee $100
Nonresident Supplemental Tuition (For students who do not reside in California) $12,245

To learn more about UCSD pharmacy school costs, visit https://students.ucsd.edu/finances/fees/registration/2022-23/pharmacy.html.

UCSD Pharmacy School Application Deadline 2023/2024

The application deadline for the 2023/2024 academic session is March 24, 2023. Applications are expected to be submitted on or before that day. Applicants should also note that incomplete fees will be considered incomplete registration.

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How hard is it to get into UCSD Pharmacy School?

UCSD Pharmacy School has an acceptance rate of about 12%. We judge how hard is it to get into UCSD Pharmacy School based on the school’s acceptance rate. It can be quite difficult to get into UCSD as the school maintains a class size of 70 students and receives close to 600 applications every year.

What GPA do most Pharmacy Schools Accept?

The average GPA accepted by pharmacy schools in the United States is 3.0. Some schools accept a 2.8 GPA but anything lower than 3.0 may limit a student’s chances of getting into pharmacy school.

What is a competitive pharmacy school GPA?

A competitive pharmacy school GPA is anything above 3.0. Your chances of getting into pharmacy schools with a GPA below 3.0 are near impossible. If you want to be in the qualifying few that get accepted to pharmacy school, you will need a GPA of 3.0 and above.

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There are great pharmacy schools in the United States that have higher acceptance rates. If you would love to be sure of getting admitted to pharmacy school and not worry about UCSD’s competitive acceptance rate, read my next article on pharmacy schools with high acceptance rates in the United States…

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