Purdue CS Acceptance Rate – All You Need to Know

Are you planning to enroll in Purdue CS(computer science) program or you want to know about Purdue CS Acceptance Rate? Then this article – Purdue cs acceptance rate is for you. 

Embarking on a journey of higher education is both an exciting and significant step in one’s life. As you navigate the sea of possibilities, understanding the acceptance rate of the Computer Science program at Purdue University can provide valuable insights. 

In this post, we bring you all the details of Purdue cs acceptance fee, offering a clear picture of the competitiveness and opportunities that await you in the realm of Purdue’s Computer Science. You will also find in this post, other information regarding the Institution’s history, ranking, and how to apply for admission. So, let’s embark on this informative journey together and uncover the statistics that can shape your educational decisions.

Purdue CS Acceptance Rate

History of Purdue University and Computer Science 

Purdue University, often called Purdue, is a public research university in West Lafayette, Indiana. It’s the main campus of the Purdue University system. The university started in 1869 when a businessman named John Purdue gave money and land to create a college focused on science, technology, and farming. 

Classes began on September 16, 1874, with six teachers and 39 students. It’s recognized as one of the top public universities in the U.S. according to important rankings. Purdue is famous for its strong engineering program.

The Department of Computer Science started in 1962 to become a smart hub for learning about computers. It was the first program in the U.S. to give degrees in this area. The department still helps the computer science world grow by doing research. People who finish the program can solve hard problems in different fields.

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Computer science is getting more important in schools and society. The department’s future is about new things like data science, artificial intelligence, programming languages, theoretical computer science, machine learning, and cybersecurity. They want to learn and do more in these areas.

What Is Purdue CS Acceptance Rate? 

Purdue CS acceptance rate is 60%. In the fall of 2022, Purdue University’s West Lafayette campus welcomed over 9,300 freshman students. The admissions cycle leading up to this saw a record-breaking 68,309 applications received by the school. 

Despite an overall acceptance rate of slightly above 60% in recent years, underestimating Purdue University’s selectivity would be a mistake. The task of gaining admission into the university’s top-ranked engineering and computer science programs is considerably more formidable. Interestingly, Indiana residents tend to have higher success rates compared to out-of-state or international students. 

Who Gets Into Purdue University—West Lafayette

When considering the demographics of Purdue University—West Lafayette students, the following insights emerge:

Geographical origin:

– Indiana residents: 47%

– Out-of-state students: 42%

– International students: 11%

Ethnic composition within the Boilermaker undergraduate community:

– White students: 63%

– Asian American students: 12%

– Hispanic students: 6%

– International students: 11%

– African American students: 2%

– Two or more races: 4%

Is CS at Purdue hard?

Regarding the difficulty of Computer Science at Purdue, it’s acknowledged as a challenging field. The process of devising algorithms, tackling problems, and debugging them requires substantial effort and understanding.

Can I get into Purdue with a 3.5 GPA?

For admissions at Purdue, your GPA’s influence varies based on the program. Generally, a GPA between 3.5 and 3.9 increases your chances of acceptance.

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Is Purdue University good for CS?

Purdue University’s strength in Computer Science is evident. Regularly ranked within the top 20 by US News and World Report, and recognized as the #4 public university in the US by The Wall Street Journal.

Purdue University Computer Science Rankings

Purdue’s Computer Science program is ranked 20th nationally. The Systems specialty holds the 14th rank, while the Programming Language specialty is ranked 13th nationally according to U.S.News & World Report’s 2023 rankings.

Admission at Purdue for Out-of-State Students

Getting into Purdue from out-of-state is moderately competitive. With an acceptance rate of 60 applicants per 100, the school maintains certain GPA and SAT/ACT score requirements. Purdue is more flexible compared to other institutions, providing an excellent chance of admission to those who surpass their criteria.

GRE Requirement for Purdue CS

You must  possess a four-year bachelor’s or equivalent degree in fields like computer science, mathematics, data science, statistics, engineering, or related subjects. For those with a three-year degree, contacting the department is advisable. Notably, the admission process for Purdue’s Computer Science program does not mandate the submission of GRE scores.

Admission Criteria for International Students at Purdue University

International applicants need to meet specific requirements for admission to Purdue University. On average, a minimum GPA score of 3.0 is necessary for application consideration.

English Language Proficiency: International students are required to provide English language proficiency test scores. Accepted tests include TOEFL, IELTS, and Duolingo.

Undergraduate Admission: For undergraduate programs, applicants must include their SAT and ACT test scores when submitting their applications.

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Personal Essay Requirement: The admissions committee expects international applicants to submit a personal essay. This essay should address Purdue-specific questions in addition to showcasing the applicant’s individual qualities and aspirations.

Purdue CS Acceptance Rate (Summary) 

The acceptance rate for Purdue University’s Computer Science program reflects a moderately competitive admissions process. With an acceptance rate of 60%, Purdue values a diverse pool of candidates who meet their GPA and standardized test score criteria. 

The university’s flexibility in considering applicants who exceed these requirements provides an encouraging opportunity for aspiring students to become a part of Purdue’s esteemed Computer Science community. 

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