What is Loma Linda Medical School Acceptance Rate 2023?


Loma Linda Medical School Acceptance Rate

You probably fancy your chances of getting into Loma Linda University to study medicine. You’ve read a lot of good stuff about the school and how successful its alumni network is and wondering what your chances are of getting into the prestigious Californian university. In this article on Loma Linda Medical School Acceptance Rate, I will show you how hard it is to get into Loma Linda and whether you stand a chance.

What is Loma Linda Medical School Acceptance Rate?

Loma Linda medical school acceptance rate after the Fall 2022 admission year is 2%. The school received 6000+ applications from 32 states in the United States and across seven countries but only accepted 176 students. Over the last three years, admission statistics from the school showed a consistent range of 6000+ applications and acceptance below 180 every year. Hence, it is safe to say that the Loma Linda medical school acceptance rate is 2%. 

There are a couple of important facts to note about the Loma Linda medical school acceptance rate. A lot of factors contribute to why the school has a very competitive acceptance rate and if you really want to attend Loma Linda, it is important to note them.

Why is Loma Linda Medical School Acceptance Rate so Low?

Loma Linda medical school acceptance rate is one of the lowest acceptance rates in the United States for medical schools. The following are some of the reasons why I believe the rate is that low:

  1. Class size
  2. Preference for Seventh-day Adventist applicants
  3. Strict admission requirements

1. Class Size

The class size at Loma Linda University School of Medicine has stayed within the 150 to 180 range. I believe the school has an unwritten policy to keep class sizes as low as possible so that students can get the best of attention. Usually, small class sizes make for a blissful rapport between faculty members and students. This, for me, is one of the many reasons why Loma Linda medical school is one to attend if you stay around California.

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2. Preference for Seventh-day Adventist Applicants

While the school claims that it doesn’t segregate and it accepts students from all religious beliefs, it is obvious it treats Seventh-day Adventists with a little more preference. I found out that about 80 admission slots are reserved for Seventh-day Adventists. If you are a Christian or from a different religion, you would battle with other applicants for the remaining 50 to 70 slots remaining.

3. Strict Admission Requirements 

The BCPM GPA and the cumulative GPA accepted at Loma Linda are 3.7 and 3.8 respectively. It means you’d have to be exceptionally intelligent to make it to Loma Linda. Imagine overcoming the barriers of religion, the strict admission requirements for joining Loma Linda make it almost impossible to get into the school.

Loma Linda Medical School Requirements


Understanding what Loma Linda medical school requirements are would ensure that you are better prepared for your admission into the school. The following are points to note on what Loma Linda Medical School requirements are:

  1. To be admitted to Loma Linda University School of Medicine, applicants must have completed an undergraduate program from an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada before matriculation.
  2. No specific major is preferred, but applicants are encouraged to explore courses in humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences beyond the basic requirements to build a strong foundation for their medical studies and future career as a physician.
  3. Students who are still pursuing their undergraduate degree must fulfill all degree requirements and provide documentation of graduation or completion of requirements before they can enroll in medical school.
  4. Exceptional applicants who have completed a minimum of 90 semester/135 quarter hours at an accredited institution of higher education in the United States or Canada may also be considered for admission on rare occasions.
  5. Applicants must take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) before being considered by the Admissions Committee. The MCAT must be taken by September of the year prior to anticipated enrollment and must be no more than three years old from the date of enrollment.
  6. Applicants must have gained experience in physician shadowing and direct patient care which is believed to be able to help them make informed decisions about the pursuit of their medical career
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For more information on the Loma Linda medical school requirements, please visit https://medicine.llu.edu/admissions/medicine-md-program/admission-requirements-and-application-process.

Loma Linda Medical School Tuition 2023

The Loma Linda medical school tuition for 2023 is $61,170. This figure is the updated figure from the university’s website and it is applicable to every year at the university at the moment. Aside from the Loma Linda medical school tuition fee, there are other fees that are payable at the school. The table below provides a breakdown of these fees:

Loma Linda Medical Tuition and Other Fees

Fee Type First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
Tuition $61,170 $61,170 $61,170 $61,170
Fees $4,056 $4,056 $4,591 $4,396
Books & Supplies $1,517 $805 $69 $100
Instruments $1000
Miscellaneous fees including boards, exams, and uniforms $645 $1,945 $4,000
Total: $67,743 $66,676 $67,775 $69,666


What GPA is required for Loma Linda University?

The stipulated GPA for Loma Linda University is 2.75 but to be in a secured position for admission, you should have a GPA of at least 3.5.

What universities have a low acceptance rate?

Universities such as New York University, Stanford University, the University of Arizona, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, and Loma Linda University have very low acceptance rates. Their acceptance rate is between 2% to 3%.

Is Loma Linda a good medical school?

Yes. Loma Linda is a good medical school. The school is reckoned for its successful alumni network, has a serene learning environment, features an excellent academic program, and is fully accredited to offer quality medical education.


If you plan on attending Loma Linda medical school, I am optimistic this article on Loma Linda medical school acceptance rate has opened your eye to the reality of your chances of getting into the school. There are three things to note as regards your chances of getting into Loma Linda which includes:

  1. Preference for Seventh-day Adventists
  2. Very selective admission process
  3. Maintenance of a decent class size
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The quality of education at Loma Linda is not in doubt but getting into the school warrants that you’re among the best of the best. 6000+ applicants every year and barely 200 are accepted means you are in for a tussle.

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